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Swim, Bike, Run, FUN! None 

Swim, Bike, Run, FUN!

Why Participation in a Junior Triathlon Program is Advantageous for Kids

Children on the MEND None 

Children on the MEND

Fostering healthy habits in families.


The Issue: Obesity Among Austin-Area Students

Teaching Austin students to lead a healthier life

Web Exclusive: Run Like a Kid! None 

Web Exclusive: Run Like a Kid!

Motivating kids to run

Grabbing Life by the Vines December 2017

Grabbing Life by the Vines

Bruce and Ronda Prothro inspire us to continue to pursue our passions, stay active, and prioritize relationships and community at every age. They have found a challenging yet sustainable way to maintain these priorities through their winemaking. With their zeal for life, it is no surprise that their once hobby eventually turned into a successful business.

SuperMoms June 2017


We all know those women who appear to possess mystical magical powers. They raise perfect children, they have stellar jobs, and they excel at every sport they pursue. How in the world do they do it and where can the rest of us pick up these powers?

Fitness for the Future June 2017

Fitness for the Future

Introducing kids to an active lifestyle.

Better Together June 2017

Better Together

Support groups for men and women who desire to be better parents, role models, and partners.

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