Choose to Move with Austin Fit and Camp Gladiator

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Austin Fit and Camp Gladiator are teaming up to encourage folks to keep moving even while we’re social distancing! CG is offering a 6-week Choose to Move Challenge and Austin Fit is offering our readers an exclusive discount to join.

Here’s how it works:

  • Check your email to find the discount code offer from Austin Fit Magazine. (If you do not subscribe to our newsletter, you can do so here to receive the code)
  • Sign up for the six-week virtual workout challenge for $34 (includes discount).
  • Stay in and work out with the CG Community through Zoom.
  • Connect with a Trainer who will be there to help you set goals and see results.
  • Download the Camp Gladiator App to access 9,500+ live workouts.
  • Track your progress and earn an exclusive t-shirt when you complete 18 workouts.

Offer won’t last long, so sign up ASAP!




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