Workout of the Month

By Crush Fitness (Sponsored) – April 1, 2019
photography by Brian Fitzsimmons


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The Workout 

1) One leg deadlift with kettlebell 
Plant left leg while right leg lifts straight behind you. Engage core, pull weights up as lifted leg comes back to standing position. Repeat on other leg 

2) Squat with upright row
Sit back and squat deeply, push through your heels and pull the resistance band back up to shoulder height, squeezing your shoulder blades together to engage back muscles. 

3) Medicine ball twist
Start seated on a bench. Come to a stable boat pose and slowly take medicine ball to each side, using your core strength to stabilize the entire time.

4) Lunge with sand bell
Step back into a lunge position and twist the sand bell to the opposite side. Stand tall and repeat on other leg. 

5) Incline bicep curl
Sit at the edge of an inclined bench, posture tall and take the weights down to your sides and then pull them up, curling in a full extension bicep curl. 

6) Incline Back Fly
Lie stomach down on inclined bench and pull weights all the way back in a fly position. Return to neutral position 

7) Shoulder press
Arms come to goal post position. Push up to 90 degrees and back down 

8) Glute Kick with Resistance Band
Use a resistance band connected underneath the bench. Put band around one foot. Get on all fours and lift the leg with the band to 90 degrees. Bring leg back to bench and repeat several reps before switching sides. 

Move to the Treadmill for Cardio

1) Side shuffle
Turn body to side and slowly shuffle while the tread is between 2.0-3.0 mph – 30-60 second each side. Repeat other side 

2) Mountain climbers in dynamic mode on tread
Place hands on end of tread in dynamic mode and do mountain climbers on the belt. 

3) Dynamic split squat
Come to end of the treadmill and place one foot on tread. Move leg back to be in a 90 degree position for a split squat / lunge. Repeat other side. Stabilize core and move slowly 



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