FAQ April 2015

By Carrie Barrett – April 1, 2015

Q. If, hypothetically speaking, my dog swipes a mini Snickers bar from the open bag sitting next to me as I binge watch House of Cards, should I be worried?

 First things first. Once you find the energy to get off the couch between episodes, march that bag of Snickers to the trashcan and throw it away. Beside the fact that the resulting sugar coma could impede viewing of later episodes, you can at least binge on something a little healthier so as to not make an even bigger dent in the cushion. 

Eat snacks with some protein and fiber to give your body a little satiety and fuel for the next season. Instead of Snickers, eat some nuts. Or snack on hummus and veggies, but leave the Costco-sized bag of tortilla chips on the shelf. And while you're up preparing a healthier snack, grab a treat for your fur baby that won't leave them in the throws of illness. (If your dog does ingest an entire bag of Snickers, please hit pause on Netflix and head directly to your vet. If it's only one bar, at least be prepared to give your pooch an extra long walk and keep a close eye on their behavior.)

Last but not least, turn your marathon into a fitness contest. Instead of the more popular drinking games, create a HoC burpee game. Anytime one of the characters does something shady, you have to do five burpees. You'll be buff and up-to-date on the newly released Season 3 in no time!


Q. Is it appropriate to not wear any underwear when working out? Does it differ for men and women?  

The debate between wearing or not wearing underwear while working out is similar to arguing over your favorite type of pizza. Cheese or pepperoni? Thin crust or deep dish? While some choices may be a little healthier in the long run, it always comes down to personal preference and comfort. And let’s face it: comfort is king. 

Many dermatologists recommend wearing workout attire that already has “wicking” lining built in. In fact, most running shorts come equipped with a light lining designed to capture moisture and protect the bits in both men and women. When it comes to wearing yoga pants or capris though, a lot of women prefer to go commando because they don't want a visible panty line. Many female-friendly companies have already caught on to this no-underwear concept and now design their workout attire to be more “sweat and visible friendly.” 

Word of caution: Avoid wearing cotton underwear while working out. Cotton absorbs moisture, making clothes wet, heavy, and less breathable. Many cotton briefs even have lining and stitching that can cause chafing and other irritating issues in the nether regions. Ever seen photos of cotton T-shirt clad male runners sporting bloody nipples at the end of a long race? Yeah. It's disgusting. Now imagine that same issue down in the precious parts. You catch my drift, right? Or should I say draft? Whether you decide to go commando or wear loose-fitting and moisture-wicking underwear, shower as quickly as you can post-workout. One thing we can all agree on is how bad body odor makes both men and women less desirable. #justsayin


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