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What's in the Water Part II: Myth Busting Scary Animals and Plants

In the March issue of Austin Fit, we discussed the worst water-borne infections people could catch from swimming in local lakes. We also explained how rare they are and gave tips on how to avoid them altogether. This month, we turn our focus to more common, but less dangerous, animals and plants living in the water, and how to deal with them. Next month we’ll review half a dozen local bodies of water where swimmers can practice.

What the Pros Ride

If this sunny, spring weather isn’t enough to inspire you to hit the trails on two wheels, this sick new gear sure will.

FAQ April 2015

Guidance for working out Life’s conundrums

Part III: Blood Lab - Reading a Blood Test

You’re in-charge of your body. Help your health by learning how to read a blood test.

Coconut Oil vs. Olive Oil

Dr. Oz recently proclaimed coconut oil—specifically virgin coconut oil—as having “superpowers” and health enthusiasts everywhere are touting it as the healthiest new oil to use in cooking. But what about olive oil, the staple of the Mediterranean diet, with its lengthy list of health benefits? Let’s take a look at how these two oils stack up.

2015 Spring Shoe Review

Crit Racing: Part II All About That Base

Orange Glazed Tempeh Triangles

Can You Swing It?

The Texas Kettlebell Academy is bringing the International Championships to Austin this May

Sink or Swim

Early age instruction can set you (and your child) up for aquatic success.

Reaching for Home

Your excuse to not roll out your yoga mat just got a whole lot harder to pull off.

Six Tips to a Healthier Dog

Twitter is a Smoker's New Saving Grace

Dig. Plant. Repeat.

You’ve made your bed. Now it’s time to sow in it.

Cross Training for Quicker Legs

Challenge your lateral strength and leg stability to streamline your running.

New to Austin: April 2015

Studios and stores for fitness-minded folks

How Much Do We Love Thee?

Can Treadmills Predict Mortality?

Call Your Own Fouls

Paw Power

Transformational recoveries, smiling faces, and full hearts are just a few of the things these therapy dogs bring to those they meet

Partner Pilates

Double your fitness by doubling up the fun.

Cedar Bark Park

Call your canine friends and tell them to jump in the car. You’re headed on an adventure to a place—a paradise—where dogs can roam free.

Sunshine Proven to Prevent Diabetes

Orthorexia: The New Eating Disorder?

Adopting a healthy diet is one thing. Obsessing over it is another.

Training for Total Victory

For competitors, American Ninja Warrior is more than just a TV show. It’s a way of life.

How to Healthfully Feed a Hungry Family

Three meal-prep strategies to bring back dinner (and save your sanity).

Austin's Fittest Dogs

These pups put their paws in the ring and beat out a field of more than 100 dogs to be named the fittest in the city.

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