The Couple That Plays Together…

By Carrie Barrett – April 9, 2013

Getting ready for the Couples Tri is twice as nice

Last week, I actually asked my husband, “Do you want me to dry your tights?” Out loud. Talk about true love. I guess that either makes me married to Robin Hood, an active member of Ballet Austin, or a WWE wrestler, right? Turns out, I'm married to a triathlete, which, as a triathlete, makes it very convenient for training, racing, travel, and, apparently, laundry.

It wasn't always the case, however. We are one of the creepy couples who met on I call it “creepy” because eight years ago, Internet dating still was. It took a while to convince my parents (and myself) that this sweet man I was bringing home had no criminal record. My profile said I was a runner and triathlete. His said he was into cycling. We both were fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Deal sealed.

Six months after we met, he was completing his first half Ironman-distance triathlon at Vineman 70.3, located in the wine region of Sonoma. Clearly, it was meant to be. He feverishly took up the sport of triathlon (some good 'ol Catholic guilt may have been used to coerce him) and we did our first race together through the vineyards of Chalk Hill and La Crema Wineries. Even couldn't have scripted a more perfect ending.

That was in 2005. Our daily existence of multisport musings continues to grow. I'm sure any Austin Fit Magazine reader household can relate to the following:

1. Emptying the dishwasher becomes a dizzying Mensa exercise of, “Which top belongs to which water bottle?”

2. The TV is turned off by 9 p.m. and the snoring commences at about 9:02 p.m.

3. Romantic nights involve a stop at Whole Foods for peanut butter and bananas.

4. Gu has taken on a whole new meaning…sigh…

5. Whispering sweet nothings include questions like, “What zone should I be in on the bike today…honey?”

6. When he tells me I look beautiful, it actually means that I showered before 5 p.m., dried my hair, and am wearing something that's not from lululemon athletica.

7. The frequency and amount of laundry grows in direct proportion to the proximity of the race date.

8. There are days where I hold up jerseys and shorts and have to ask, “Are these his or mine?”

9. Vacations always include some form of training or adventure because the idea of sitting on a beach at an all-inclusive resort for five days sounds deplorable to me (Ok- maybe not that deplorable).


I love having my built-in partner for the Couples Tri and I look forward to racing together on July 14! We'll be out there with all of the other teams consisting of anything from married couples to friends, siblings, parent/child, and even strangers. Hey—isn’t that how most marriages get started?

Perhaps I'll contact for event sponsorship.

With this issue are the first four weeks of my Couples Triathlon Training Plan. It's a great way to kick start your summer of training. It's even better when you have someone who can follow the plan right along with you. Share notes, hold each other accountable, and have fun strengthening your relationship!


The Couples Tri is 12 weeks away. Download the entire Couples Tri training program on Training Peaks here

Benefits of Training With a Partner

Even though you do the race individually, the Couples Tri is all about having fun with your chosen teammate. Here are some reasons why training with a partner is more fun than going solo.

Motivation Who better to lift your spirits than a training buddy? We're all human and have days with zero motivation to train. Your workout partner is your accountability solution (warning: can be annoying if you're really in a bad mood).

Safety It's always better to train with a partner, especially if you're out early in the morning or into the evening hours. Carry lights and a cell phone, just in case.

Fun It's simply more fun to head to the pool or the track when you can share a few laughs, anecdotes, and pieces of “Downton Abbey” gossip. The miles fly by and you can learn a lot from each other.

Deepen Your Relationship Whether you're training with your best friend, spouse, sister, or buddy, nothing brings out the truth serum and deep conversations like a good workout. Some of the best conversations are had in those early morning runs. Enjoy your time together.

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