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Making road cycling a more frequent affair

Variety Adds Spice

Trying out different swimming venues to keep it fresh

Sailing On, Despite Dropping Lake Levels

Staying on the lake while water levels drop

Fit Finds: April 2012

This shirt and bottle will help pump you up for your run.

Jalapeño Orange Salad

A great Whole Foods recipe that's easy to make

International Voice and Local Force of Nature

Austin athlete and humanitarian shares his story

Working Up to Pull-up Success

Getting to the perfect pull up

Homes That Help Owners Stay Fit

Houses that keep their owners active and well

Gayla Chambers, Ironman

Q & A with an Austin senior athlete

Running with Austin’s Best

Find out where the pros train in Austin

Five Stages of Dealing with Injury

Learning to accept your injury

Taking on Water

Getting the family fit in the pool

The Sustainable Food Center

Getting the right fuel to feel great

Neti Pot Amoeba

Keeping yourself healthy while swimming in warm water.


Designing your training around the time of year

Wildfires Can’t Strike Out Baseball in Bastrop

Baseball helps Bastrop kids cope with wildfires

2012 AFMDC Final Results

Check out the final results for the AFMDC

Spring Shoe Review

Spring into running with these great shoe options

What Causes the Face to Age?

The factors that lead to our aging face

By the Numbers: EARTH, WIND, FIRE, WATER

Check out these numbers about the elements

The Fire in Your Belly

Keeping your drive and power

Tri-ing to be Fit

Taking a look at a new triathlon

KMB: Outright Training & Performance

Try this fantastic Outright Training and Performance workout.

The Connection Between Community Design and Healthy Living

Why the right community can make all the difference in your health

Earth Day

Giving back on this day of environmental consciousness

Getting Your Feet Wet at the Rookie

A great race for starting and veteran triathletes.

Is Rock Climbing for You?

How to start ascending the wall

Signing Up is the Easy Part: 2012 AFM FITTEST Registration Details

Get your name down for participation in the AFM Fittest