New York City Mulls Happy Meal Ban

By Kelsey – April 1, 2011

In November, San Francisco banned fast food chains from including a free toy with meals that exceed a set level of calories, fat or sugar. And now, New York city is planning similar legislation.
New York City councilman Leroy Comrie introduced legislation that would make the distribution of toys and other incentives along with children’s meals illegal if the meal exceeds 500 calories, 600 mg of sodium and 35 percent of calories from fat, excluding nuts, seeds and nut butters. Each meal would also be required to include a half-cup of fruits or vegetables or one serving of whole grains.

Six lawmakers are already in support of the bill.

Even though McDonald’s food is undeniably high in all things detrimental to health, the unfortunate fact is that the toxic food is affordable and fast, and is sometimes the only realistic option for families in a bind. For this reason, we hope that fast food chains like McDonald’s will respond with a healthy, affordable kids’ meal– soon.

New York Council To Consider Happy Meal Ban


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