Giving Dogs a Fresh Start (More Adorable Dogs!!)

By Kelsey – April 1, 2011

Remember all the fabulous active dogs we featured in our March issue? A few of those dogs were rescue dogs, meaning their owners found them at a shelter like Austin’s Austin Pets Alive!, which has saved the lives of thousands of cats and dogs throughout the years.

Austin Pets Alive! works hard to get these animals ready for adoption, as lots of strays come in with health or behavioral problems. If you’ve been to the Hike and Bike trail on a weekend morning, you’ve seen the Healthy Dogs, Healthy People program in action. It’s a program that lets walkers and joggers “check out” a dog for a run or walk around the trail. Healthy Dogs, Healthy People is a great way for high energy dogs get a little extra socializing and attention to get ready for adoption.

And now APA! has landed on Facebook to give their dogs a little extra help in finding a good home. The “Giving Dogs a Fresh Start” page features dogs in the Behavioral Rehabilitation Program. These are amazing, adorable, adoptable dogs who just need a little something extra to help them find the road home. Getting their faces on Facebook is just the kind of exposure these dogs need.

“Like” the Facebook page to see all of the awesome fit dogs that APA! has for adoption!


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