1. In 100 words or less, explain what you do.
2.  What do you want to accomplish with this design?
3. Who is your target audience? 
4.  Call to action/tagline - what drives your current customers? 
5.  Imagine someone just heard of you and calls for the first time. What are the first five questions they are going to ask about your services?
6. Do you have any unique, exclusive offers you'd like to point out?
7. What contact information would you like in the ad? (Address, phone number, website, Facebook or Twitter)
8. Is there a hierarchy for your information? Anything that needs emphasis?
9. Do you have access to your hi-res art/logo?
10. Do you have any past design files/pdfs/examples that you liked the look of that you can send to us? 
11. Is there a specific font you would like used throughout the ad?
12.  Does your business have a specific color palette you would like to use?
AFM suggestions:
- Photos and graphics should be around 1 Mb in file size to be considered "hi-res"
- We prefer “vectorized” logos as opposed to JPEG logos if possible (vector file types include *.ai, *.pdf, *.eps)
- We prefer to use istockphoto.com for stock photography, feel free to search this site and send any

You may upload an attachment with your submission. We accept the following file types:




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