6 Organic Feminine Hygiene Brands You Must Try

By Caitlyn Meisner – August 21, 2022

Though there has recently been an uptick in our awareness of our impact on the environment, a major field has been neglected — feminine products. 

Many new, organic brands have emerged and have probably piqued your interest but rarely are they purchased. The reason for this may be that most of these newer brands are online-only, so you are only seeing the traditional brands on the shelves when you’re in a pinch for these products. However, you may not realize how harmful the chemicals are in these traditional products. 

The most common ingredient in traditional, non-organic products is a synthetic rayon blend. Rayon is often the most popular fabric in women’s clothes but should not be in our period products as it can actually increase the chances for toxic shock syndrome (TSS) when wearing a tampon and increases the risk for bacterial infections. Do we really want this in our tampons, pads and clothing? 

Here are some organic feminine brands that are committed to a healthier version of you and the environment. 


Oi is a New Zealand-based sustainable brand that is committed to removing plastics and toxins from feminine products to make them kinder to our bodies and planet. With tampons, pads and their own period cup, Oi is dedicated to providing affordable period care to all who need it. Oi uses organic cotton and sustainable packaging and follows strict labor and environmental laws to make the best products possible. You can choose between their organic or biodegradable options with your own customizable subscription or one-time box! They’re available directly from their website, Amazon and CVS.

Honey Pot Company 

Honey Pot Company is a plant/herb-based brand dedicated to building and maintaining your personal vaginal needs. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Honey Pot creates its products without added fragrances or parabens; they even have a whole page on their website dedicated to explaining the ingredients within the products. You can purchase directly on their website with a 15% off coupon or on Amazon or CVS.

Feminine hygiene.


Rael is a cruelty-free, South Korean-based brand devoted to improving the education, dialogue and quality of feminine care products. According to their website, they create all of their products free of harsh chemicals, based on consumer testing and with zero waste. In addition to pads, liners and tampons, they have acne and skin care. You can buy directly from their website or on Amazon


Lola is another organic, U.S.-based, female-founded feminine care brand that produces BPA-free period products. They have a wide assortment of size-inclusive pads, tampons and reusable period underwear to fit your menstrual needs. You can customize your subscription box with the products you want and tailor the deliveries to your schedule. Lola also provides vaginal health, pregnancy/fertility and sex products! You can buy directly from their website or on Amazon

Seventh Generation 

Seventh Generation is a sustainable and equitable brand in Vermont aiming to provide ingredient-transparent and healthy products. They provide a multitude of pads, tampons and panty liners ranging in sizes from light to overnight. Their period products are made with 100% cotton and are hypoallergenic! Seventh Generation also has other sustainable products, such as body wash, detergent and disinfectants. You can buy their products on Amazon


Blume is an organic and sustainable brand founded by a pair of sisters from Vancouver that provides healthy period products and skincare. They have a subscription-style model where you can subscribe and save money on organic pads and tampons. Their period products are made with 100% organic cotton and are wrapped in a biodegradable pack. You can purchase their products directly from their website.

These brands are making a conscious effort to better the environment and your period experience. Check out these brands on their websites or in-stores to get a better look at their mission, plethora of products and amazing stories!


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