5 Tips to Ease Your Dog’s Travel Stress

By Sponsor: Nulo – January 18, 2022

Travel can be stressful for you and your pup, so we’re here to ease your dog’s travel stress with five tips for keeping your dog calm while you travel.

Get your dog used to the car or their carrier in advance

Your dog will be most comfortable if their first time in the car or a carrier isn’t on their first long trip! Several weeks ahead of time, make the car or the carrier a comfortable and relaxing place for your dog by introducing them to the area with lots of tasty treats and familiar smells, like a t-shirt or a blanket that smells like you. Make sure to reward behaviors you want them to continue, like laying down and relaxing! Keep it short at first with lots of positive reinforcement, and increase the time they spend in the car or the carrier over several days.

Pack food, treats, water, etc. in dedicated bags and containers

Keep your pup’s items in their own bags or containers, so they’re easier to locate during your trip! You can prep each meal in its own baggie or airtight container to make mealtime simpler, or you can transfer the amount of food you’ll need into a larger container for easy access. Collapsible bowls for water and food take up less space and can be put away after each stop. And don’t forget to pack water from your home or bottled water to keep your dog’s tummy happy and healthy on the road!

Make frequent stops for potty breaks

When dogs are stressed, they may need to use the bathroom more frequently. You know your dog’s needs best, so plan to stop every 1-3 hours to allow your dog to relieve themselves! Of course, be sure to pack waste bags and clean up after your dog at rest stops.

Keep your dog entertained with puzzle toys or chews

Many dogs would rather play than sleep on trips, so pack your dog’s favorite treats in a puzzle toy they can easily work on while traveling. Frozen Kong toys with peanut butter or Greek yogurt keep lots of dogs entertained for hours! Natural chews like bully sticks, split antlers, water buffalo or goat horns, and beef femurs are a great option for heavy chewers as well. Puzzle toys and chews give dogs the mental stimulation they need to stay relaxed!

Consider a calming supplement to keep your dog comfortable

Some pets may do best during travel with a bit of help from a calming supplement. Nulo’s new calming soft chew supplements contain a variety of natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, chamomile, ashwagandha, L-tryptophan, and L-theanine to help calm your canine! Give your dog the recommended amount of chews for their size 30 minutes to an hour before travel, and your dog should stay stress-free during your trip.


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