10 Activities to Keep Kids Active During the Holidays in Austin

By Rachel Cook – December 11, 2020

With the holidays upon us and children home from school, we know that families are looking for ways to get everyone off of the couch and outside, staying active instead of scrolling through TV shows. AFM has rounded up ten ways you can keep your family moving and entertained during the 2020 holiday season. 

1. Austin Trail of Lights Fun Run

Participate in Austin’s Trail of Lights Fun Run, a 3-mile run you can complete between November 28, 2020 and January 3, 2021. Registration is $25 for adults and $15 for youth. This includes a Fun Run long sleeve t-shirt, an ATX Lights Savings Card, a 2020 Race Bib, a Fun Run Swag Bag and the option to run the Festive Course Route around downtown Austin or route of your choice. 

2. Golf ATX

For those who are interested in golfing but aren’t ready to commit to a country club membership, Austin is home to six public golf courses where you can pay for a round of golf or even just 9 holes. Clubs, balls and golf carts are also available to rent, so all you have to do is book your tee time online and show up, ready to get on the green. As of August 13th, Golf ATX does not require masks while on the course or in practice areas, offering a nice escape back to pre-pandemic normalcy. 

3. Buy a Basketball Hoop

The NBA is scheduled to start their season on December 22, which makes this the perfect time to join in on the fun. Whether your teenager is practicing to make the spring basketball team, your middle schooler is learning a game of HORSE or your little one is just having fun putting a bouncy ball in a basket, basketball is a fun way to get outside and get active. The best part is, having a hoop in your backyard could turn into a weekly activity for the whole family — so the investment is definitely worth the payoff. 

 4. Soccer at Zilker Park

Zilker Park is well known for its vast expanse — perfect for a soccer game. If you don’t know how to play, it can be fun to just kick a ball around. However, for those who don’t know how to play and want to learn, make sure to check out a YouTube video or two before heading to the park. While learning a new sport may be intimidating, it could also be a lot of fun and well worth your time, especially with kids. 

 5. River Place Trail

The River Place Trail is open from sunrise to sunset to all hikers. It includes three routes: Panther Hollow Trail, Little Fern Trail and Canyon Trail which spans about 6 miles from beginning to end. There is a $10 fee per hiker on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. With the family in town, this could be an ideal activity if you are trying to stay away from crowded areas.

 6. Luminations 

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is hosting Luminations, a nighttime stroll through the enchanting Texas Arboretum. The trail will feature mesmerizing lights and the artistic structures of Fortlandia. It’s a beautiful way to enjoy the outdoors and get some steps in. 

7. Indoor Obstacle Course: The Floor is Lava

For the days you’re stuck inside with the little ones, pretend the floor is lava. This game may be ages old, but fun and active nonetheless. Scatter pillows and blankets around the house as stepping stones. For an extra challenge, hide stuffed animals around the house for them to rescue and bring back to their island (coffee table, couch, bed, etc.) But be careful! If they step in the lava, someone will have to rescue them. 

 8. Learn to Ride a Bike, Roller Skate or Skateboard

Walks around the neighborhood can get old after a while. Pick up a new skill like biking, roller skating, or skateboarding. Get your daughter a pair of cool rainbow unicorn skates, or visit No-Comply, one of the coolest skate shops in town, to get a skateboard for your son. 

 9. Chaparral Ice Skating

Ice skating during the holidays is an activity that will never lose its magic, especially since the amount of snow we get in Austin is slim-to-none. Chaparral Ice is currently open to the public by reservation and has skates available for rent. 

10. Winter Vegetable Garden

If you didn’t jump on the gardening bandwagon this summer, it’s not too late. Winter vegetables like lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, cabbage, kale and broccoli are all good to plant throughout the fall and winter seasons. Check out a local garden center for materials and expert advice or Amazon for delivery to your home.


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