You Can Be The Biggest Loser

Cheryl Forberg’s Tips For Healthy Living

You may recognize Cheryl Forberg from The Biggest Loser. Or, you may know her from a recent Health and Fitness award that names her one of America’s 100 Most Influential People.

And while you may even recognize the name from her contributions to the New York Times bestselling Biggest Loser series, we sat down with Forberg to discuss her latest book, A Small Guide To Losing Big.

Described as “the cliff notes of her 17 seasons” as the hit show’s chef and nutritionist, Forberg explains that her latest book is meant to help people remember her recipes.

“I realized that I could explain [my] recipes [on the show], but people wouldn’t remember them if I didn’t explain why,” said Forberg.

It took her a few years to understand that missing link, but she says once she did, she was inspired to write her latest book.

Forberg wanted to make it easier for both her clients and the show’s viewers to understand how to acquire a healthier diet. She also wanted to explain the ‘why’ aspect—like pairing certain foods with others, for example.

As a registered dietician and chef, Forberg has a unique perspective on how to live a healthy lifestyle. She says The Biggest Loser gave her an opportunity to combine her passion for cooking with her desires to guide those looking to live healthier lives.

In the first few seasons on the show, Forberg said she was “surprised by the typical eating habits of [the show’s] contestants.” But after 17 seasons, she says she noticed a pattern.

“I hear the same thing every season,” said Forberg. “But the reality is that [the show’s contestants] personify most of America.”

Habits like skipping meals, not drinking enough water, and the sheer amount of fast food individuals ate were among the top behaviors she noticed. Forberg addresses these trends in her book.

To combat poor habits like the ones she observed on the show, Forberg recommends beginning one’s journey towards a healthier life one change at a time. Whether it’s avoiding soda drinks and white foods or eating three meals a day and exercising, she reiterates that small changes make a difference over time.

“People [who watch the show] see extreme weight loss,” she said, “but I have to remind them that [the show] is a full-time job, and [the viewers] can’t expect the same fast results at home.”

She also notes the luxuries contestants have, like a trainer and personal chef. Despite this difference, though, Forberg encourages readers to stick to their goals and stay on track.

To keep a record of foods consumed, she recommends having a date book on hand—especially for busy days or while traveling. She says having portable snacks available are essential for unexpected bumps in a day’s schedule, too, reminding readers that a proper snack includes both protein and fats.

After 17 seasons of The Biggest Loser, Forberg hasn’t lost sight of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, and she plans to continue doing so.

She currently resides with her husband on a farm in Napa, California, and hopes to one day grow food on their land and teach people in the hospitality industry how to cook sustainable, healthy meals for large amounts of guests.

Her latest book, A Small Guide To Losing Big, and countless recipes for healthy living are available on her website

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