Fit Field Trip: Atomic Athlete

photo by Brian Flannery



The response I get almost every time I mention Atomic Athlete is some kind of terror. It's quite the opposite. Our coach, Brittan, was very approachable and was a good leader. My heart rate was up the entire time and we had 30 second breaks at just the right time so we could give it our best when we started working again. It looked to me that their new space is about 4 or 5 times bigger than the previous location. I was amazed at how much room there was—I'm excited for Jake, Todd, and the Atomic team. No doubt it's going to be a special place. Throw all the assumptions out the window, head over to Atomic Athlete's new gym, and let them change your perspective.  


Full disclosure from the beginning—I’m already an Atomic Athlete member. I had looked for a team like this for years, a program and coaching staff that would make me work—and work hard with a purpose—and reach fitness goals. When I found this group, I knew I was home. This day’s workout, along with the all the other sessions, are specifically programmed with the intention to get you to a specific goal and have you crush them. Being that this was a work capacity training day that our staff was there for, our heart rates were up the whole time and different systems were being used for the whole hour. Brittan keep the group moving, on task, with proper technique, and wanting more. And with the expansive new facility they just moved into, this is just the beginning for this amazing team. If you’re ready to work hard with a purpose, definitely head to Atomic!


I love an environment where your best is expected and drawn out by the coaches and surrounding athletes. My workout at Atomic didn't disappoint! Everyone there was focused, friendly, and motivated—can't wait to try another workout. Thank you, Brittan!


When I first walked in I was definitely intimidated because everyone there was so fit! There were so many people there that once we started the workout I felt a lot more comfortable. I liked how there were different groups and everyone wasn't always doing exactly the same thing. Brittan didn't let anyone slack; he called me out when I stopped doing squats for like 5 seconds! I left feeling accomplished and was sore for days after. 


This is quite the workout. In all the years that I've known Jake and Tod, I've never actually done an Atomic workout until NOW. And it definitely did not disappoint. 

If you take a gander at the Atomic gym, the people, the vibe, you know you're getting yourself into something seriously awesome. And by 'awesome' I mean awesomely sweaty, hard, dirty, and most importantly rewarding. This day's workout was a cardio endurance HIIT routine with core work at the end. Led by a friendly, yet stern trainer Brittan, we spent the first 15 minutes in warm-up, which I thought was fantastic. As I can now officially run for the U.S. Senate, these older bones need some time to get moving. So, a long warm-up was much appreciated. The actual workout was a steady pace of sprints intermingled with burpees and weighted squats. After a few variations of AMRAPs we concluded with a hellacious core routine that kept my stomach flexed for days.  Only 4 exercises, 14 reps each, 4 times through. Not bad, right? Wrong. This was one of the better core workouts I've had in a long time.

In the end, you can't help but really enjoy the effort you just put in at this place. And what's a fun bonus is the extraordinary group of people, trainers and members alike, that you meet.  Now that they are closer to me, South/Central Austin, I hope to make a few more appearances. I recommend anyone reading this do the same.


Atomic Athlete was actually the first gym I ever went to when I started working for Austin Fit Magazine! We were there to shoot a workout (at the old location), so I was on the sidelines and not working out. But what I began to notice over time was that everyone I met who trained at Atomic was in unbelievably great shape. Now I know why! It was constant movement—if you weren't sprinting, you were squatting or lifting something heavy. There was very little downtime to rest, but that made it challenging in a good way. Atomic Athlete just moved to a large warehouse so it was a very spacious area, but I felt like they didn't have enough equipment for everyone there. Granted, we went during a promo week so there was probably an influx of new people in the class we took. I'm certain that as time goes on, though, they'll have no trouble filling the space (with members AND equipment.) Would totally go back again for another ass-kicking! 


Atomic Athlete was the hardest workout I have done in recent memory. I was challenged both mentally and physically—my was body pushed to its limit. So, if you asked me for one thing I walked away from the experience with, I would say "wake. up. call." If you like interval training with a sprinkle of cardio, I highly recommend Atomic Athlete. It is not for the faint at heart, so make sure you are both mentally and physically prepared—or else.


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