Watch Review: Magellan Echo

Stay stylish as you sweat by sporting this sweet watch

Magellan Echo (in Orange)


Watch Specs:

  • Displays real-time data from sports apps 
  • Remote control for sports apps and music
  • Ultra low power; battery does not need recharging 
  • Ruggedized and water resistant 


Our Thoughts: 

This watch has the capability to sync with various fitness apps through Bluetooth—including some of our favorites, MapMyRun and MapMyRide. You can sync the watch to your music apps as well and use the watch as a wireless remote control. While it might be preferable to have a standalone watch where you don't have to have your phone within a certain range, we enjoyed the convenience this phone offered by allowing us to see our workout with the lift of a wrist. It can be frustrating to run with your phone and simultaneously try to swipe apps open or change music by double tapping the phone interface multiple times. The next thing you know, your pace is off. The Magellan Echo allowed us to control our music with the press of a couple of buttons. Another perk: it's so lightweight and comfortable to wear, you might forget it's even there. (Don't worry, envious glances from joggers passing by will serve as reminder.) And if you're looking for a watch with a little more to bring to the table, Magellan just released their Echo Fit watch which includes all of the features an Echo has with added perks like the ability to track your steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep length.


Cost: $99.99
Colors: Black, Blue, Orange (pictured), Gray, and Pink



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