WGC-Dell Match Play: Fashion on the Fairway

Scott Pinckney

If you find yourself wondering what to wear to a professional golf tournament, whether you’re participating or watching, I’ll let you in a little secret; it doesn’t matter. Long gone are the days of soft, pastel colors and 100% cotton material. Now we have bright, neon colors that are noticeable from the next hole and dry fit material that would improve even the worst player’s swing. Dress code may still apply when it comes to the length of pants, but otherwise, it’s a free-for-all, and a great way for players’ personalities to shine through.

According to the PGA tournament, golf fashion has come a long way from the knickers, starched collars, and tweed jackets of a century ago. Now, performance athletic wear is just as important in golf as it is in most other sports. Nearly every brand provides polyester and dry fit threads, and you can be sure to find at least 2 bright-colored options for every neutral shirt on the rack. With higher-tech shirts that stretch and resist UV rays and moisture, pants with vents and zippered pockets, and sneaker-like golf shoes (my personal favorite), golf apparel could be the next big trend. Although, after attending the Dell Match Play, I believe it’s already begun.

Photo by Weston Carls

We spoke with one of Austin Country Club’s store managers and got the lowdown of style and fashion in the golf world these days. In their opinion, athletes such as Tiger Woods who have started their own clothing line are on a quick train to being a legend. Even Michael Jordan’s legacy transcends through his line of shoes with Nike. Rickie Fowler has his high top socks and bright orange Puma shirts. Jordan Spieth has made Under Armor a top competitor when shopping for golf clothes. And what about the infamous “Golf Boys” music video? Being the independent sport that it is, the golf “uniform” has so much room to expose your true personality, in comparison to other sports’ jerseys. Fur coats, overalls, helmets… if it gives the players more confidence, why not? There is still a level of class and respect that is maintained, but you can see the appreciation and freedom of choice on a player’s face when he strolls out to practice in the driving range in his fresh gear.   

Photo by Weston Carls

Even the fans can’t get enough of their favorite player’s clothing choices. According to ACC’s golf pro shop, members will come in asking to be dressed as their favorite player. If high tops are in, high tops are requested. If they’re idol is rocking neon pink, they want a size medium in it. It was even pretty cool to walk around the tournament and see young boys dressed as their idols, hoping Rory McIlroy or Jason Day would notice their mini-me’s. If you’re curious about what hues and fashion are hot right now in the PGA tournament, or simply want to stock up on some comfortable and trendy brands, check out Austin Country Club’s Golf Pro shop display, even if you aren’t a member. Don’t be afraid to purchase something in your secret lucky color… Jason Day just won in a bright royal blue.


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