Upper Body Circuit Challenge Video

Many people dread the push-up. And rightly so. It’s been the test of upper body strength since elementary school when we were forced to take the President’s Physical Fitness Test—of which, many of us “failed.” As a trainer, I often hear clients say that they just can’t do push-ups. To which I respond by prescribing what? Push-ups. The fact of the matter is, upper body “pushing” movements allow you to gain strength and develop muscle tone for shape. That’s why professional trainers (whose job it is to get you the results you want) won’t let you off the hook and still demand long-standing, body weight calisthenics. For those getting over the push-up hump who feel confident to start challenging themselves with other pushing and pressing movements, we have an upper-body challenge circuit just for you. 

Using the traditional push-up as an upper-body strength benchmark, start individually testing out the following movements—taking as much recovery as needed. Test out the following circuit to engage your upper-body power and help strengthen your core and shoulder joint stability.

designed by Diane Vives, Vives Training Systems
performed by Karen Speir, Hiit Fit Gym


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