Posture is Key for Speed

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3/ Farmer’s Walk with One Load

Purpose: Focus on setting and maintaining a natural and neutral posture with the rib cage stacked over the pelvis as well as maintaining hip, shoulder and ear alignment.

• Start standing in tall posture with the body properly stacked.
• Take short steps with a consistent pace, completing a figure-8 pattern around cones that are approximately 5-10 yards apart.
• If you begin to fatigue and lose posture or position at any time, stop that set at that point. If you begin to lose your grip, stop at that point.
• Complete as many trips around the cones as possible while maintaining perfect posture and consistent steps up to a total of 10 trips max.
• Weight in sandbag should be challenging and approximately 25-35 percent of your body weight.
• Make sure you are breathing naturally and can hold a conversation during this exercise.


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