Austin Fit Field Trip: SoulCycle

The AFM team spins it around town with the new kid on the block.

The AFM staff and interns with SoulCycle trainer Christopher Chandler.


 11800 Domain Blvd #150, Austin, TX 78758

Alex: SoulCycle is where it all began. The music, the rhythmic motion of your pedaling and body along with the beat, the consistent positive praise and confidence boosters from the instructors, began with this studio originally based out of NYC. They've perfected the craft, and now finally available to Austin, they bring that same energy and high quality instruction you'd find at any SoulCycle around the country. My impression with our class at SoulCycle is that it's welcoming to anyone, regardless of your physical ability. This particular time, our instructor, Christian, was extremely supportive, and reinforced that our time on the bike was our time, which boosted my confidence and energy to push myself harder. There wasn't any macho talk, or exorbitantly long pushes out of the saddle, or up a hill. It was a perfect balance of ebbing and flowing, in and out of your comfort zone. So for everyone out there, beginners in particular, give SoulCycle a "spin." The space is beautiful and the location is easily accessible in the Domain. Walking into SoulCycle you know you're in for an experience. From the staff, the music, the clothing, the's all very moving. And that's exactly what they make you do - move! And, throughout the whole class, our inspiring and energetic instructor, Chris Chandler, made sure each individual was focused on themselves, and our intentions for being there, first. Of course the workout was great - my legs, core, and arms all felt the burn - but at SoulCycle it's also about strengthening your spirit as well. This place is sure to be a hit!

Weston: SoulCycle hype is what I've been hearing from everyone for the last couple of months as they just recently opened their first location in Austin. I was really excited to experience my first SoulCycle class. The space is really clean and the lockers are big, include charging outlets for phones, and have a built-in combination lock. I think the music was awesome, almost like a DJ was mixing in the class. I got a good sweat and felt great leaving the 45-minute class, but I felt like the bikes were a little too close for my comfort. I had a hard time seeing around the person in front of me to see the instructor's rhythm and cues.

Jennifer: As I walked into Soul Cycle I was greeted by upbeat music, smiles and hellos. Just what this non-morning person needed to get amped up for a high intensity spin class at 8:30 AM. The instructor, Chris Chandler, introduced himself and radiated positivity. The entire staff was extremely helpful with the sign up, shoes, and bike adjustment process. They came around and made sure everyone's bike was perfectly fit. Chris' class was just what you would hope for in a spin class: tough, motivating, sweaty, accompanied by awesome booty bouncing tunes to get you through those sprints and climbs! I highly recommend SoulCycle to novices and pros alike and anyone who wants to get their sweat on in a supportive positive atmosphere.  

Gretchen: I usually don't take spin classes. I've taken enough to know I don't care much for the loud music, dark room, and well, riding a stationary bike. However, I made an exception for SoulCycle. Prior to its opening in Austin, I had friends living in other cities describe it to me as "amazing" and "incredible," and one even used the term "life-changing." The whole Domain Northside/Rock Rose development is massive, but SoulCycle's studio is pretty large too so it wasn't hard to find. We met our instructor, Chris Chandler, at the front desk. At 8 a.m. I was still pretty sleepy but Chris' energy was infectious enough to wake me up instantly. It took the assistance of two staff members to get me clipped in, so that made for a little bit of a rough start. The class itself had great music and Chris was very interactive with the class, spending almost as much time off the bike to give individual attention to riders as he did on the bike at the front of class. The level of difficulty in spin classes are typically dependent on how hard the rider is willing to push his or herself, and Chris was a big advocate of that. Overall, it was a good workout and I left feeling lifted and upbeat, but I wouldn't call it "life-changing" by any means. And I'm still not a spin class convert!

Devyn: After a year of living in Austin, I am finally starting to understand spin classes and how to take full advantage of them! Christopher Chandler, SoulCycle Austin’s pioneer, was quick to remind us that the next 45 minutes would be everything we would make it. There is power in knowing you are pushing yourself to greatness! SoulCycle itself had a great new and shiny atmosphere that made me think of when I was new here. The staff has that warm, Austin hospitality and made us feel welcome instantly. The snazzy water bottles were a hit as well! The class itself was pretty dark for my taste, as I enjoy brighter, changing lights, and the bikes seemed pretty close to each other so I was wary of my spin classmates, but otherwise I loved it! Christopher’s playlist was on point, and each song got me hyped up for the next segment of our work out. The Domain is looking more and more appealing, and I hope to take another class next time I’m in the area!

Anna: SoulCycle Austin had a clean and modern studio like other cycling studios in town. It was a unique atmosphere and a decent size class for 8:30am. “Yay” for early morning workouts! The instructor was awesome and motivational. He did a great job helping everyone go at their own pace and push themselves. The music and lighting was enjoyable (similar to other cycling studios). Overall, the class was a good sweat session for working on speed and strength in cycling and the use of light free weights. The bikes were the only thing that wasn't like other studios I've been too, and I did not like the them compared to others I've ridden. Still, Soul Cycle was an awesome workout and set a happy tone for the rest of my day. I'll definitely head back for another class soon! 

Shannon: Soul cycles new studio has a trendy feel with energetic trainers. They offer options throughout the workout so you only have to push yourself as far as you feel comfortable. Although I usually hate spin classes, the ambience and music helped it go by fast and made me hate cycling a little less!

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