Workout: You Do Know Squat

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4. Counter Movement Squat Jump

Purpose: This movement challenges squat mechanics while applying the speed of a fast countermovement to load the jump, the jump triple extension and then landing again using foundations of the squat mechanics. 

• Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and your natural, slightly toed out position. 

• With a safe spine position, descend quickly using triple flexion of the lower body and swinging the arms down toward the ground to increase the loading into the lower body. 

• Once you reach a squat position, use the elastic coiling (stretch reflex) of the leg and hip muscles by immediately pushing through the floor and extending the lower body as fast as possible. 

• Extend completely to the top of the jump, and return to the ground by landing under control, absorbing the forces, and using the squat mechanics for good technique. 

• After landing, return to a standing position. Reset and repeat each quality repetition, one at a time for no more that 5 repetitions per set.


*To find out how much to turn your toes out based on your body’s natural design, stand tall on a smooth surface that your feet can easily slide on. Point toes forward, then squeeze the muscles around your hips and naturally allow your leg and feet to slide on the surface of the ground so your foot position is based on your body. 


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