Workout: You Do Know Squat

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3. Single Leg Box Squat with SandBag

Purpose: Performing the single leg squat on the box while using a front loaded position encourages a full range of motion during the squat and allows the opposite leg to hang freely in a position that encourages the safe spine position of the torso and pelvis. 

• Using a box that is tall enough to allow your free leg to hang to the side naturally, begin by standing on a single leg with a light sandbag in the front carry position. 

• Descend into a squat with a smooth controlled motion, maintaining ankle, knee and hip alignment. Make sure that you feel the safe spine position and maintain that feeling throughout the movement. 

• Push your foot through the box to extend the ankle, knee and hip while maintaining alignment and returning to start position. 

• Be sure to control the movement and only descend as deeply as you can with proper technique. When learning the movement, you may shorten your range of motion until you are more confident with technique.

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