Workout: You Do Know Squat

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2. Goblet Squat with Curl

Purpose: This front squat with a wide base comes from the kettlebell world and one of my favorite strength coaches, Dan John. It encourages a deeper descent into the squat because the kettlebell will counterbalance any tendency to sit back into the hips. The curl at the bottom increases time and strength in the low position. 

• Set up with a slightly wider than shoulder-width stance, your toes turned out as much as you need to perform the movement smoothly and hold the kettlebell in a bottom-up position in front of the chest. 

• While maintaining a safe spine position, descend until the crease of the hips goes below the top of the knees. The knees should be tracking over the feet and not crossing the inside edge of the shoe. 

• The outside of the elbows should brush the inside of the upper thigh in this low position.

• At this bottom position, extend at the elbow to lower the kettlebell and then curl it back up to the original position.

• Focus on pushing the floor away from your feet and extend the ankle, knees and hips to return to the start position.

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