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Pat Cook, 39


AFM: What tattoos do you have that are most meaningful?

That’s an easy one. The day Brittaney and I got married, we had a small wedding—just her and I and our photographer. We got all dressed up and went to the Cultural Center in Chicago and got married, took pictures and then, of course, went to the bar. We called up some friends to meet us, and when they came out, that’s when we told them we just got married. We hung out for a bit, celebrated, and then went to get tattoos. I have a “B” on my ring finger, and it rules.

AFM: What are the stories behind getting them?

Stories?! Oh jeez, stories are for people who overthink their tattoos.

One tattoo is this battleship on my forearm, and I got it because I nailed this job interview. Nailed it!

Another tattoo is a small white star on the inside of my left elbow. The shop should’ve won an award for “Dirtiest Tattoo Shop in the World,” but my sister and I got matching star tattoos there anyway, and it was a little terrifying. We tried to convince the artist to let us do the tattoos on each other, but for some reason, that was where he drew the line.

I have a tattoo of a smoking hot Viking lady with big boobs just because I had some time to kill.

I also have one that is a screaming Native American skull, and I tell people that it’s my mom when she’s mad. She loves that joke.

AFM: What was your first ever tattoo—how did you decide to get it?

My first ever tattoo was a dragon on my back. I got it cause as a kid I always thought that’s what you get when you get a tattoo. You know, like a snake around a dagger or something like that. Now I look at it, and it screams 1997! People tell me to consider getting it fixed or touched up or whatever, but screw it, it’s been there for a long time and it proves I’ve been alive for a while.

AFM: How do your tattoos define your own story?

My favorite part about tattoos isn’t the story that they may define, but the glimpse of a timeline into a person’s life. You can probably tell a lot about who I was by looking at these things. I have serious respect for women who are rocking that lower back tattoo, because I know where and when they’re coming from. Now I realize we should just get a new tattoo every six months whether we need it or not.


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