Austin’s Fastest

Two Austin-based drag racing champions steer in a successful direction

Photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

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Tony Schumacher

Eight-time Top Fuel world champion

Residence: Austin, Texas
Wife: Cara
Children: Anthony, Michael and Jacqueline
DOB: December 25, 1969
Height/Weight: 5’8”, 158 pounds

On Track Accomplishments:

- Driver of the U.S. Army Top Fuel Dragster for Don Schumacher Racing
- Made first start in Top Fuel in 1996 U.S. Nationals in Indy
- Won his first championship in 1999
- Won six consecutive championships from 2004 - 2009
- Won his eighth championship in 2014
- All-time leading winner in Top Fuel with 80 victories

In his own words:

“In this business so much of it is mental. If I am mentally prepared to go into battle, I have a great chance of winning. To be mentally prepared, my body has to be physically prepared. I put my time in the gym keeping myself toned through repetition. Push-ups. Pull-ups. I work on cardio a couple days a week. You have to remember I only work six minutes a year. Well, that’s all the time I’m in the car, but I put in the preparation so that I can be at my best for every one of those seconds. Mentally strong and physically fit.”

“Diet is important. I’m 46 years-old and my body can’t handle things it may have 20 years ago, heck even 10 years ago. Again, it’s all about preparation. I’m in the car Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What I do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is what helps me perform at my best.”

“The other thing about my job is that I represent the U.S. Army and have been asked to be part of several of their training activities. Jumping from airplanes. Firing rounds of ammunition. And the same is true in that environment. You have to be prepared both mentally and physically.”

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