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Tanya Tudor

Age Group Champion >> Women 30–39

How many years have you competed in the AFM FITTEST? This was my first.

How did you find out about it? It might have been when I first moved to Austin and glimpsed at the magazine for the first time. As I got more involved with the fitness community, people would talk about it.

Where did you move from and when? I am originally from Barbados, but I moved to the Bay Area to get my master’s degree in in traditional Chinese medicine. From there I moved to Austin.

What inspired you to compete? It looked like fun, and everyone said I should! 

Favorite test? The 40-yard dash and the pull-ups.

Least favorite test? The battle ropes and the mile.

If you could add your own test, what would it be? A rope climb (with no legs).

What’s your diet like? I’ve always been pretty lucky in knowing what my body likes and doesn’t like. I don’t necessarily believe in restricting myself from anything. With that said, it’s just a balance of protein, carbs and fats. My diet is no one particular diet. I will go down on some pizza though.

What goals did you set for yourself? To do my best and have a really good time. I didn’t really read up or know much about the tests. I looked everything over the night before the event!

What is your regular training regimen? I go to Atomic Athlete a few times a week. I do yoga once a week, and a couple things on my own. I’m trying to get back into martial arts and rock climbing. I want to make those a more regular part of my routine.

In your own words, what defines a fit person? If you’re moving your body, and you’re feeling good about what you’re doing—if you’re feeling accomplished, no matter what that is—that’s fit.

How did you feel on event day? I felt great! All the women in my group were awesome. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if they were going to be super competitive, so when I showed up and saw some familiar faces, I just had a ball.

What’s your next goal to achieve? I have two. I want to do the True Athlete Games again. The other is, take myself, my business, my brand, and my style of fitness a bit bigger.

How was the AFM FITTEST pitched to you? How would you pitch the fittest to somebody who’s unsure about competing? People who knew what the event was told me that most of the tests were in my wheelhouse. Honestly, for anyone going into it, just look at the 10 events and go for it. It was so light and easy with a healthy dose of competition.

Was there an event you were dreading? The mile! 200 meters is the longest I would like to run.

How’d you push yourself through it? Music. Dancehall and calypso music is what I like to work out to.

Who or what motivates you? I don’t know if I have any one person. I am so lucky to know a lot of athletes on such a broad spectrum. You name it, I know someone who excels at it. I’ve had the chance on a regular basis—sometimes every day—to rub shoulders with them. Heck, even my clients! I get inspired by so much around me.

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