Best Of 2014

We asked. You voted. Here are the people and places that stood out this past year in Austin’s health and fitness scene

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Best Sports Medicine*

1st) Sports Performance International
Physical therapy gets a makeover at this clinic. Taking a realistic approach to fitness, the therapists here recognize the importance of getting you back into your exercise routine.
2nd) Austin Sports Therapy
You’re in good hands here. The staff is saturated with highly qualified sports practitioners; every doctor on staff is post-grad specialized in taking care of sports-related injuries.
3rd) Airrosti
This national chain has rehab centers that specialize in pain relief and soft-tissue treatment, but offer other services as well. Check this practice out for issues with chronic pain.
+) Austin Sports Medicine
Physical therapy is just one of the services offered at this full-service sports medicine practice. Consider this a one-stop shop for sports-related injuries.

Best Injury Rehab

1st) Airrosti*
2nd) Next Level Chiropractor
Athletes’ bodies require extra maintenance for repetitive wear and tear. These chiropractors have experience treating athletes, especially Crossfit trainers and golfers.
3rd) Austin Sports Therapy*
+) Kapsner Chiropractor
In addition to traditional treatments, a bonus for athletes is that this practice provides exercise rehabilitation services. They also offer the convenience of multiple area locations.

Best Eastern Medicine

1st) Kirsch Method
Matthew Kirsch combines the healing power of acupuncture with craniosacral work and bodywork therapy. These types of practices are best for stress relief and pain reduction.
2nd) 512 Wellness
On top of a full range of acupuncture services, this practice also offers specialty Sports Medicine Acupuncture specifically tailored to the athlete’s physical needs.
+) PK Wellness
Phyllis Kung, L.Ac. (PK) is a highly respected acupuncturist in the state of Texas as well as teacher of the practice. You’ll be in good hands and find several treatment options.
Besides being one of the most highly respected graduate schools for Eastern Medicine in the country, this school also runs highly acclaimed clinics in the community.

Best Vet Clinic +

Bryker Wood Vet Clinic (pictured)
According to this vet clinic, Austinites are more likely to do the proper workups to manage their pets’ health. The clinic joins their clients with a collaborative team working to manage your pet’s wellbeing. Their aim is to be an integral part of their clients’ lives and “to continue to educate them on the joys of the human/animal bond.”
Austin Urban Vet
Austin Urban Vet is a clinic with a community atmosphere filled with people who like working with each other and with their canine and human clients. “We love the fact that we get to take care of people and their pets.” Their goal as a clinic: to create lifelong relationships based on compassionate care for the whole family.
Lake Austin Vet
‘LABAH’ boasts compassionate care for their patients (what they call your furry family) and a beautiful location in remodeled vintage homes across from Magnolia Café and Deep Eddy Pool. The company tells their clients that they put the healthy and safety of pets first, which is probably why they’ve become such a popular Austin business.
+) Westlake Animal Hospital
Since opening in a renovated barn in 1970, this staff of veteranarians has evolved into a high-tech full service hospital. Bonus: they are involved in prorams like the Pug Rescue of Austin.


1st) Christopher Seeker, M.D.
This community women’s health all-star is no secret. He’s been recognized across the city and state for his contribution to making his patients’ lives better.
2nd) Marco Uribe, M.D.
Apparently good doctors travel in packs; you can find Dr. Uribe at Austin Area OBGYN with Dr. Seeker. Uribe also has a special focus in hormone replacement therapy.
3rd) Tie for Third:
Karen Swenson, M.D.
Robert Cowan, M.D.

Best Orthopaedic Surgeon

1st) Ted Spears, M.D.
Dr. Spears is a member of the award-winning team at Sports Performance International. He has years of experience focusing on athletic injuries and concerns.
2nd) Carey Windler, M.D.
Dr. Windler is a marathon runner who understands the needs of athletes and specializes in Sports Medicine. He’s also the surgeon for Men’s Athletics at UT.
3rd) John E. McDonald, M.D.
Dr. McDonald did his residency in Sports Medicine and is a doctor at Texas Orthopedics.

Best Dermatologist

1st) Amy McClung, M.D.
Our Best Of Dermatologist winner this year, Amy McClung is passionate about her patients. According to McClung, she loves working with patients who are active and exercise—especially those that love to exercise outdoors. Her advice for prospective patients, “Don’t feel ashamed if you’ve tanned or skimped on sunscreen in the past— we’re here to help, not to judge.”
2nd) Tied for Second:
Renee Snyder, M.D.

Dr. Snyder is a board-certified dermatologist who is passionate for natural skincare. Check out her practice as well as the organic cosmetic company she co-founded: W3ll People.;
Jaculeen Dano, M.D.
Dr. Dano is a nationally recognized dermatologist highlighted for her compassionate treatment of patients. She offers general dermatology as well as specialty cosmetic services.
3rd) Katherine Farady, M.D.
Dr. Farady is a former Navy medical officer who spent years in the service all over the country. After becoming certified in dermatology, she started a clinic here in her hometown.

Best Dentist

1st) Summer Rydel, D.D.S
This practice is located in South Austin and loved by locals. In her spare time, Dr. Rydel enjoys her own fitness activities and volunteering in the community.
2nd) David J. Gordon, D.D.S
Aside from his running hobby and family, Dr. Gordon apparently devotes time outside of his office work to keep up with the cutting edge technology for patients.
3rd) Mark Sweeney, D.D.S
Dr. Sweeney was practicing cosmetic dentistry before the practice became part of the main stream. Turn to him for improving your every-day smile.

Best Massage Therapist

1st) Michelle Hittner, LMT
Hittner is a triathlete, Crossfit fan, cyclist and all around fitness buff when she’s not at work helping other fitness buffs. She understands how to help clients on-the-go.
2nd) Chris Spears, LMT
Also an athlete, Chris focuses on massage to reduce chronic pain caused by sports activities. Check out some of her techniques online.
3rd) Susan Fegelman, LMT
Who wouldn’t want to be left in the hands of a massage therapist who has worked on professional athletes? She’s also a coworker with one our other Best Of Massage Therapists.
+) Shae Connor, LMT
This wellness all-star is owner of R3 & Good Hurt Massage and Training. She is also an athlete-friendly practitioner. Her practice even offers deals for Crossfit members.

Best Physical Therapist

1st) Nick Engel, PT
Nick owns ATX PT, a fee-for-service practice providing primarily manual therapy to clients. Here’s the injured patient’s dream: he works on a house-call basis. 
2nd) Steve Cuddy, M.P.T., P.R.C.
Steve has a reputation for helping even the most elite athletes in their fitness goals. He has deep roots in the Austin community and understands the area’s mentality.
3rd) Pieter Kroon, PT
Another member of the team at Sports Performance International, Kroon is the Director of Physical Therapy. In his spare time, he coaches judo and bikes.

Best Chiropractor

1st) Next Level Chiropractors
2nd) Kevin Fluitt, D.C.
Dr. Fluitt is a member of the award-winning team at Kapsner Chiropractic Centers of Austin. He serves as the director for the South Lamar location.
3rd) John Tuggle, D.C.
Dr. Tuggle has completed three Ironmans and is an avid athlete who understands the needs of elite athletes. This “Tri Doc” can help you recover from your new year of training.
+) Dorea Wilder, D.C.
Dr. Wilder treats young adults as the Doctor of Chiropractic at Arise Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation’s South Austin. When she’s not at work, she coaches mountain biking.

Best Nutritionist/Dietician

1st) Nutritional Wisdom – Carly Pollack
Carly has worked for Whole Foods and seen thousands of clients with wide ranging nutritional needs. She focuses on Holistic Nutrition for natural health.
2nd) Natalie Olsen
A nutritionist with Pure Austin, Natalie is used to working with people concerned with overall fitness goals. She specializes in weight loss/gain, sport specific nutrition, and more.
3rd) Tracy Beeman
Tracy is trained in sports nutrition, weight loss, family nutrition and diabetes management. She also has celiac disease and experience with tricky diets.
+) Meredith Terranova
Meredith is an ultra-distance runner with a passion for cooking meals at home and focusing on nutrition. She’s helped clients achieve goals from weight loss to completing Ironmans.

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