Reviewing Two Popular Juice Cleanse Packages: Daily Greens and Skinny Limits

Looking at pre-packaged juice cleanses from a nutritionist's point of view.


I am happy to report that Austin is a thriving land of fresh and delicious juices! I had the pleasure of trying two local juice companies out over the last few weeks. Daily Greens and Skinny Limits both sent me products to sample at the end of December. Both companies sell high-quality juices in a variety of different flavors but each takes a different spin on juicing.

Daily Greens juices are to be a daily addition to your healthy diet. They do have a cleanse package posted on their website (; it is not the traditional 100 percent juice fast but a raw fruits, raw vegetables, and juice combination. For my samples from Daily Greens, I received seven bottles of a variety of flavors from their line. I began my juice-consuming adventures by adding a juice a day to my daily intake. I really enjoyed all of the flavors of Daily Greens juices—I’m a huge fan of very green, not-so-sweet juices, and these satisfied that taste for me. It was a toss-up for me as to my favorite: “Elevate”—a juice sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market—and “Purity” were both palate pleasing. Adding a juice a day made me feel like I was getting a solid dose of vitamins at a time of year known for its lack of healthy options on the holiday buffet.

Skinny Limits offers an assortment of juicing options from a bottle a day to be added to your healthy diet all the way to custom juice cleanse packages. The samples I received from Skinny Limits were enough for a three-day juice cleanse ( I chose the low-sugar option for the green juices. The low-sugar option means that there is a little less fruit used in the making of the green juices:  More green for me = more yum! The three-day cleanse package comes with three “Pure and Simple” green juices:  one “Balance” green/ginger juice, one “Scorpion Lemonade” spicy lemon juice, and one “Crescent Moon” cashew nut milk. One juice is consumed every few hours, with the nut milk being consumed for “dinner.” Skinny Limits juices have a unique packaging technique that keeps them tasting fresh from the juicer—they were vibrant with a bright flavor profile. I must admit the cashew nut milk was especially delicious, as it tasted almost like a nog-style beverage. It can easily curb some of the hunger pangs that come with a multi-day 100 percent juice cleanse.

Thanks to both Daily Greens and Skinny Limits for the product samples. It is so nice to have a ton of amazing local and healthy businesses to support here in Austin.

Editor’s Note: To get a general evaluation of juicing as part of a healthy diet for athletes, read Kolko’s January article in AFMIn-Depth Diet and Nutrition Series:  All About Juicing


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