How to Keep Your Fitness Up While Studying Full Time

Studying full time is a big commitment, whether you’re in a classroom, or studying online, but it’s vitally important to keep your fitness levels up. If you let things slide now, you may never get back to full fitness. The older you get, the harder it becomes to get into good fitness habits. You also need to think about what kind of example you’re setting. If you’re studying something like a doctorate in nursing, or a healthcare masters, then you need to be prepared to lead by example, fitness is a big part of educating patients to look after themselves. As a doctor of nursing practice for example you’d be well informed on how important a good fitness regime is, but have you yourself got time to stick to one? Here are some tips to make it easier.


Running is a fantastic way to keep fit if you don’t have much time. So many people use “I don’t have time to go for a run” as an excuse not to, but, if you plan things sensibly, running could actually save you time. The answer is simple, run to where you need to be. You have to get there somehow, why not run? You’d save yourself time, money on transport, and keep fit at the same time. In some situations, such as going to visit a friend you see a lot, or going to your part time job, it might be possible to have a shower, but if not, get a backpack to run with, with a change of clothes and some wash things.

If you don’t have much experience running, I recommend starting with something like the couch to 5k program, and don’t push yourself too hard until your level of fitness begins to build.

Home Work Outs

With the growth of YouTube, you no longer even have to buy a DVD to take part in a home work out, search any type of exercise you’re interested in, and you’ll get hundreds of videos, ranging in length and ability level, within seconds. This is a great way to work out as a student with little time and money. You can easily find a 10 minute work out when you haven’t got time for more.

Fitness Classes

Most gyms now offer a great value student membership, or a pay as you go system with student discounts, so make the most of it. Fitness classes are great, they come in different class lengths, some starting at just 20 minutes. In 20 minutes on your own in the gym, you might not even work up a sweat, but with a qualified instructor designing the course, and really pushing you, you know you’re going to get a good work out even in a short time. Fitness classes are really good for people who perhaps lack motivation, there’s a group to support you and make sure you don’t give up.

Any exercise you have time for is great, but try and make sure you really make that time count. You’ll find once you set up good habits with regards to your fitness regime, it will become a natural part of your day, and these habits will continue for the rest of your life.

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