Football Season Cocktails

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Football season is back! Stuck watching football with the beer-drinking guys?

Join in on the game day fun by sprucing up a light beer to create your own fun, sugar-free, all natural beer cocktail from Be Mixed! Save even more calories with a Be Mixed mocktail.

Be Mixed is: 

- all-natural | sugar-free | zero-calorie | no artificial ingredients

- 3 flavors: Ginger Lime | Cucumber Mint | Margarita 

- single serve | 4oz bottles

There’s a zesty pop of flavor with a touch of natural sweetness from antioxidant-packed monk fruit in each of the single serve 4oz bottles which enhances a variety of base spirits – from vodka, whisky and tequila – to beer and wine.  Below are original recipes we would love for you to consider featuring, the tasty addition to game days! High-res images are available by request.

Fantasy Draft

You'll Need:

- 2 oz of Be Mixed Ginger Lime
- 1/2 bottle of your favorite light beer
- 1.5 oz of vodka
- 1.5 oz of lemon juice
- Pinch of chili powder
- Lemon slice and chili pepper for garnish


1. Add Be Mixed Ginger lime, vodka, lemon juice, and chili powder to a cocktail shaker.
2. Add ice above the level of the liquid, cap, and shake for 5 seconds.
3. Strain into a tall glass containing cubes of ice.
4. Fill the glass with pilsner beer and garnish with lemon slices and dried chilies.

Keep reading for more drinks!

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