Fit Field Trip: Peloton Bike Review

L to R: Betty, Alex, Ola, Kristin, Weston


I so want to ride on a Peloton bike on a daily basis and have what seems like my own personal training ride with an instructor on my own personal Peloton screen!

I loved having the luxury of choosing from the genre of music I wanted to listen to during my workout. For me, I love the luxury of working out at home when able as opposed to going to a spin class, so the thought of having one of these in my house is so appealing. I got a great workout and it was fun jamming to my 70's tunes while climbing hills and even doing the arm workout during my 45 minute training session. I highly recommend everyone calling the Peloton at the Domain and scheduling a time for you and your friends to go do a test workout! 



Love this bike, and the whole concept behind. Peloton has recently emerged as a new way to exercise with a stationary bike. Specifically, the Peloton bike is a top-of-the-line stationary bike equipped with a flat screen that allows you to connect directly to more than 4,000 cycling classes of various lengths, difficulty, styles and instructors. Retailing for under $2,000, the bike is a steal of a deal in the world of fitness equipment. Add to that the $35 monthly subscription to all the classes you could ever want, and you now have an at-home option that is comparable, if not better, than a real class. 

While I personally enjoy getting out of my house for a workout, I think I would actually be very content and possibly in better shape with the Peloton bike. You can jump on it any time, immediately access thousands of classes, and track your metrics (wattage output, rank in classes, calories burned, miles ridden, and more). The Austin showroom is one of the 3 in the entire state, so head on down to the Domain to check out the bike, and/or schedule a demo ride like we did.



I chose to take Alex Toussaint's 45-minute Metrics Ride and absolutely loved it. I didn't think I could get into a class while not being in a studio, but I was immersed. I thought Toussaint's music playlist was better than some of the rides here around town. I also think I got into it so much because I could connect my Bluetooth headphones and focus on what was on the screen without cords everywhere. The leader board on the right side of the screen helped motivate me, especially when I saw a user name with my rival school's name show up trying to beat my output score! Peloton's bike is the smoothest I've ever been on. Some bikes out there have pin holes which limits the possibilities of fitting the bike to your body, while the Peloton does not. It could be adjusted to the comfort of my body type. Not only does the bike have Live Classes, but On Demand classes, and even non-bike related classes such as yoga. In that case, I would use the casting functionality and broadcast it to my SmartTV. I love technology and this bike certainly has it. I don't have to worry about how much I turned the resistance because all that data is displayed on the screen. After your ride, share it on the Strava app, social media channels, or save it to your profile to see your progress. I hope to have a Peloton in the future! 



The future of fitness has arrived in Austin and it can be found at Peloton Cycle! The concept of Peloton is to bringing a spin class to you at home by providing an easily maintainable spin bike and equipment that streams thousands of live and prerecorded classes on demand so you never have to worry about travel, scheduling, or instructor styles again. During my test ride, I found the bike to be comfortable, with the same features you would expect of a stationary spin bike in a studio. However, it was covered to keep sweat and dust out and make it easy for home owners to maintain. The interaction with the screen was simple and intuitive with a big clean, touchscreen layout. Metrics like cadence, output, calories, and resistance where all offered for those who are stats people. And, there were about 15 different instructors to choose from, all with different styles and personalities and each with countless classes of different focuses. Once my class began it only took me a few minutes to forget that I wasn't right there with the instructor who was interacting with the live class and the at home audience in a way that pulled everyone together. I actually found myself smiling and laughing along with the class. It was like a regular spin class in that way, only better because of all the customizable features and convenience.

The endless class options will help you stay interested and the convenience gives you no excuses. If you've ever wondered if Peloton Cycle might be right for you, I highly encourage you to go by the Domain showroom and check them out. You won't be disappointed!



Thumbs Up.

Personally, I loved the idea that I get to zone out wherever I am and do my own workout at my own pace. I don’t like dark and drippy rooms with other people’s body heat engulfing me. So this is the perfect alternative for people in the same boat. 

Although overwhelming, the workout selection has SO MANY different types of music and instructors I think everyone can find what they want. Perhaps though, it would be best to try out a few instructors first or read about them before jumping into one of their classes. I find that for cycling classes - it’s ALL about the instructor and doing our little workout by just randomly picking someone was exciting but nerve wrecking. 

My instructor was Cody Rigby and I took the "Pop workout” which actually was only music by Lady Gaga. I really enjoy that music for a workout so I had a blast. However, I think there should be some serious re-naming or labeling of workouts for clarity. 

The instructor was clear and did a good job keeping up the motivation in class. However, the main motivator was the list of people and their ‘output’ and class ranking to the right of the screen. I found myself realizing what the PR on my bike was and motivating myself to beat that PR. I also wanted to climb up in ranking and this really pushed me to crank up the level on the bike. In essence, the interactive experience empowered me alone. Typically in a class I have no idea how others are doing and my competitive nature is not fulfilled. 

So all in all, thumbs up on Peloton. 

Side note: People should remember to bring their own headphones and I actually highly personally recommend the big headband earphones versus the ear buds as I think it makes the experience better.



Was a great work out for me.  The instructor motivated me to push myself harder than I normally would have done.  Music was good and helped me keep my cadence up.


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