Fit Field Trip: Cyc Fitness Austin with Sydney Torabi

L to R: Weston, Diana, Sydney, Alex, Samia


Sydney from Cyc Fitness was quite the enthusiastic instructor. I've been here before—it's a powerful studio next to UT's campus that houses some killer workouts. What struck me this time around was the convenience of getting to class (parking was a breeze, as was getting in the class and on the bike). While there are a lot of options in Austin, Cyc was one of the first to hit the Austin market more than five years ago, which is a good indication of their workout quality, instruction, and offerings.


For my first visit to Cyc, Sydney was an exceptional instructor! She introduced herself on the raised stage and gave the class a brief description of what we were to expect during our ride. She led us through hills and tempo jumps with excellent guidance and not once did I feel lost or unsure of what was coming. Sydney made great eye contact with the riders while exuding a ton of energy.  I was most impressed however, with the cyc bikes. It was incredibly easy to click my shoes in and the handles seat and bike never felt shakey or loose. After the class ended, Sydney was social and peppy as she mingled with the riders post sesh. Definitely revisiting this studio! 


I love going to Sydney's classes because she brings so much energy with her. Her music is always on point and is usually a cool remix of a song that I've never heard. Getting to Cyc is super easy, especially because they have validated parking in the Towers garage. The employees at the front desk are enthusiastic and help you with whatever you need. I've never left Cyc feeling unchallenged, the arm workouts are seriously the death of me. 


I was dealing with some soreness before this class, but Sydney made me feel comfortable with giving my best on that day. Even though I wasn't 100 percent, the class got me energized and ready to start my weekend. The music was fun and we hit different cadences and resistance at just the right times during the workout. See you again, Sydney! 


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