Fit Field Trip: Align Pilates, Boxing & Barre

L to R: Trainer Morgan, Diana, Betty, Emma, Weston, Arielle, and Alex.


What a great vibe at Align! You are immediately in a good mood when you walk in the place. We got to do a 30 minute sampling of Pilates, barre and boxing. The instructor of each was definitely a specialized teacher for that class. The Pilates kicked my butt, but then the barre did also!  To cap it off, 30 minutes of boxing was so fun! Loved each workout and I want to go back!



I've taken my share of Pilates, boxing, and barre classes, but this was by far the biggest, cute, little house of fitness I've ever seen! We started out with Pilates instructed by Brook and Maggie. It can be intimidating using these machines, but both were so helpful and descriptive on how to target those hard-to-get muscles. After we got a little taste of the Pilates instruction we moved on to sample a barre class. Melissa was great too! It's so nice to move from one master trainer to the next in their respective fields. We all were laughing together at how hard the barre workout was. It showed me that I really needed to work more on my hip strength and determination to not give up—even after different cadences and extra credit reps. By this point, my booty was FOR SURE going to look sexy after this (and it did). I was most excited about the boxing class because I've met Morgan before and I love her style. We punched out all of our stress and by the end of this tour of fitness classes at Align, I was spent! It so cool to have a fitness studio offer these classes under one roof. I highly recommend you trying out one of their classes.



After knowing Brooke Bowersock for many years, this was my first time to finally experience her take on fitness. As a longtime Pilates instructor and studio owner, Brooke has built a new beautiful studio off Lake Austin Blvd., equipped for Pilates, boxing, and Barre. 
When we arrived, Brooke gave us a tour, and kicked us off with a sampler Pilates class. Wow, this was hard! I now understand how women have a higher pain threshold, as I was whimpering along, while my female co-workers were gracefully gliding along the reformers. After Pilates, Brooke passed us off to Melissa who led us upstairs into a Barre studio, equipped with all the Barre equipment to continue to make us grown men cry. Instructor Melissa was a great teacher putting us through the paces of barre work that exhausted every muscle group on our body. 
Our last stop was with Morgan Miller, pro boxer/instructor. We entered an amazing space with punching bags. Morgan showed us technique, punches, and we were quickly off to a fast-paced boxing workout with our heavy bag. Morgan's class kept us moving the entire time, and definitely pushed our heart rates up. I'd have to say if you ever have a rough day, get over to Align and take the boxing class to knock out some frustration.
Align is a must for everyone. You'll love the design and style of the studio, get a damn good workout, and enjoy the diversity in classes and instructors.

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