Austin Fit Field Trip: Train 4 The Game

The AFM crew hits up Train 4 The Game's Fusion class, located in Westlake.

The AFM crew and interns with Brandon and Kassie of Train 4 The Game.

Train 4 The Game 
3201 Bee Cave Rd #121, Austin, TX 78746
Weston: I've been to Train 4 The Game a few times before for Austin Fit Magazine photo shoots, the most memorable being with professional golfer, Tom Kite. Our instructor, Kassie, was full of energy and got us motivated to start the first of two workouts in this fusion class. She led us through an energizing 30-minute spin class. I also liked that they had two TVs that showed what cadence and resistance to be in our bikes. After we worked up a sweat, we headed out of the cycle class and on to the gym floor where we rotated between four workout stations. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who likes functional training and cycling. I would do it again!
Anna: It was a super fun workout, got 4.7 of 5 stars from me!
The fusion cycle power class was a lively workout and satisfied my need for some sweaty cardio. The circuit training done in the second half was great for strength and mobility.  It really helped with loosening up after being on the cycling bikes.  I loved the energy and motivation from the instructor, Kassie.  Thanks to her enthusiasm I never got bored. I also enjoyed the colored lighting, RPM customized playlists,  and unique exercise combinations (plus the required Train4theGame burnout!).   The TRX squat jumps and cable pull were amazing and a good challenge.  Some of the other circuit training exercises could have been more difficult, but overall the combination of speed, mobility, and strength conditioning was perfect for the end of the day.
Bianca: Train 4 The Game is the perfect workout if you’re looking for diversity while getting your heart pumping! We started our workout off with a 30-minute cycling class complete with lively music, intense spinning, and lots of sweat. Feeling accomplished, we hopped off our bikes to stretch when we were moved into the main gym. Following the cycling class, we completed another 30-minute workout, this time, circuits. The exercises were challenging, but fun! I had a great experience at Train 4 The Game, not only because I enjoyed the workout, but I loved the positive energy that radiated from everyone in the gym- especially the incredible trainers!
Devyn: Walking into Train 4 The Game, I noticed there were people of all ages, and that's when I learn that T4TG trains athletes beginning in second grade, all the way to injured athletes who need physical therapy. I was instantly comforted knowing that no matter what work out laid ahead, these trainers knew what they were doing and would confidently teach a great hybrid class of spin and circuit workouts. We started out in the spin room, which I was a little worried about - I have yet to master cycling, and I didn't want this to be another class where I felt defeated. However, Kassie was quick to make sure everyone's bikes were perfectly seated to their liking, and she was very encouraging throughout the whole process. I enjoyed their high tech bikes and TV screens immensely, and although I pumped as hard as I could throughout the whole session, I was relieved to know it would only be 30 minutes of spinning. After we stretched our tight leg muscles, we made our way over to the gym floor, where everyone separated into groups and we burned through 4 hardcore circuit workouts. This was by far my favorite part! Kassie had two trainers who helped assist all of us in case we forgot the next move or were doing it wrong, and that alone helped me improve my stance. If you want a creative and unique workout, different from any typical spin studio or tabata class, Fusion by Train 4 The Game is the one to beat. I can't wait to go back!
Kristin: Our night at Train 4 The Game resulted in a good workout and a good time! Upon arriving, parking was easy and ample, which is always important, and the facility looked like a great place for both sport specific training and rehab. A good combo to have under one roof if you're serious about a sport or just looking for a facility to get a good workout in. 
Our group signed up for 30 minutes of spin with another 30 minutes of circuit training afterward. The spin class was packed and our instructor, Kassie, was very sweet and energetic. At the beginning of class she made sure to introduce herself to everyone and explain the workout to come.  There were two television screens at the front of the class that showed everyone what to focus on.. resistance level and RPMs... so participants always knew what amount of effort to put in. The music was upbeat and the neon lights kept the atmosphere alive. I left the class feeling like I got a good workout but still had energy for more.
After the spin portion, the entire class participated in a circuit training routine that focused on core and opening up the hips. The moves were functional and just the right amount of difficulty to make it challenging and get a good burn. Trainers and interns roamed around to make sure each of us were going through the exercises property and were sufficiently challenging ourselves.
I found the other members of our class and Kassie and Brandon, our gracious T4TG hosts, all to be very welcoming and fun to be around. I appreciated the attention to technique the interns and trainers gave during the circuit training, as I believe form is important for several reasons. I would definitely go back to this facility for a good workout of any type and to get some professional instruction. But, also, to know that they have a Restoration program for injury prevention and rehab is an added bonus!
Andrea: If you live or work in the surrounding Westlake area and you don't go to Train 4 The Game then you are missing out on the community that is part of the area. 
I've tried several different group classes at Train 4 The Game and what makes this place really standout is their culture of hospitality.  Everyone knows you that works there and if it's your first time you leave feeling good about coming back. 
Fusion Indoor Cycle is a must do and now my new favorite hybrid class of 30 minutes of cycling and 30 minutes of group functional movement. Rather than feeling like I need to stretch after cycling and sore the next day, I felt strong and well worked out. 
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