Austin Fit Field Trip: The Barre Code

AFM crew with owner and trainer Cami of The Barre Code.

The Barre Code
2300 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Anna: The Barre Code offers a variety of barre classes in their South Lamar studio. AFM got the chance to preview their new class, Brawl. The hour-long class combined several circuits of cardio and strength. The cardio portions of the class lasted 10 minutes each round and consisted of dance and air boxing/kickboxing inspired moves. They were very fun and definitely got my heart rate pumping early in the morning! Then in between the cardio, we did barre-inspired strength moves for upper body, lower body, and core. These moves were the perfect chance to tone and allow our heart rates to recover. Our instructor Cami was awesome and kept our energy levels high! She gave great direction throughout the entire class. I will definitely be heading back to The Barre Code to try their other classes and get another Brawl workout in!

Gretchen: If you think you're walking into a regular barre class when you sign up for Brawl at The Barre Code, you're wrong. And if you think the word "cardio" in the description means a few minutes of elevated heart rate, let me stop you right there—because that's also wrong. Cami, who also happens to be the studio owner, taught our class. It was pretty much nonstop moving. Brawl gets its name from the basic kickboxing combinations, which require a slightly above average coordination, but they're ultimately easy to remember. And if you can't keep track of the series, Cami does an exceptional job of giving instruction while always staying on beat/count. We did a little bit of traditional barre work, but it wasn't long before we were back on the floor bouncing around, kicking, and punching. This was easily the sweatiest barre class I've ever taken (that's a good thing!) and my hamstrings were feeling the burn for a couple days after the workout. Also worth noting: The studio is conveniently located off of South Lamar Blvd, and they have a parking lot that is not a nightmare to navigate (which seems like a rarity these days).

Devyn: Cami of The Barre Code in Austin knows how to bring it. If you’ve ever questioned barre’s success as a killer workout, her ‘Brawl’ class will put all doubts to shame. In this very high intensity class, we were moving around and doing intense cardio movements for nearly the entire class length. The few “breaks” we received were when Cami directed us to the bar for upper body and lower body movements while giving our heart rate a chance to recover. By the end of the class, I felt worn out and well-deserving of a big breakfast! I myself being a huge fan of cardio loved this workout, and though I’m not usually a fan of barre, Brawl was unique experience that gave me just what I needed.

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