Austin Fit Field Trip: Pure Barre

The most fun a morning work out could be, with Pure Barre Westlake!

Pure Barre
3267 Bee Cave Rd #120, Austin, TX 78746

Kristin: This was my first time doing any barre specific class and I'll be honest, I was nervous. I've heard that barre was a very intense class that burns when you do it correctly. So I was prepared for a killer workout!

Rashanna, our instructor, made sure to explain the equipment and warm up to us all before we got started to make sure we were able to keep up. Once the workout began, we focused on specific body parts with high reps and pulsing movements with many of the movements being isometric for a short period. Each time we finished a body part, my muscles were shaking and burning... but in the best way. The exercises really targeted what they were supposed to and in a really safe way, with no heavy weights or jarring movements. 

At the end of the class, my body felt great and I was quite refreshed. This wasn't the super hard, scary workout that I was expecting. It was a well focused, safe, whole body toner that had a wonderful staff and instructors leading the way. I know that from here out I'll be incorporating more barre classes into my rotation for sure!

Anna: Pure Barre Westlake was the perfect location for a morning workout. The class involved a variety of small and concentrated movements focused on toning and lengthening the muscles. There were several rounds of work on the legs and thighs, as well as work on the triceps, biceps, and abs. Pure Barre was definitely more intense than I had expected. My triceps and glutes were sore for a couple days afterwards. Pure Barre's workout was very fun with a lot of movement and body awareness emphasis. Plus, the Westlake instructor Rashanna Moss was amazing. She kept up the energy level in the room and helped everyone get their form just right. I would definitely like to head back to the barre!

Weston: I've taken a barre class before, but not Rashanna's, so I was still excited about this experience. Her playlists are on point! I was groovin' in there with all the ladies. Alex and I were the only men, but I'm not complaining! There's an assumption out there amongst people (or maybe just men) that barre classes are easy. HA! This class hit spots on my body that I've never worked before and I really think it exposed areas that are weak. Whoever takes barre on a regular basis must have a toned body and core, that's for sure. I was pleasantly surprised to get compliments on how well I did. I didn't think so, but I'll take it! You'll have to check out our Instagram to see our form!

Devyn: Barre never ceases to amaze me because you would think that these little movements wouldn’t make you sore, and you would be wrong. Pure Barre is no different. Rashanna Moss, one of Austin’s most beloved trainers, led a class that did not hold back when it came to your backside. My glutes were on fire, and for someone who is always striving for a good butt and legs, I couldn’t get enough! Rashanna moves quickly through each segment, but gives you just enough preparation to confidently move along with her. I appreciate any time a trainer is hands on so I can know how a movement is supposed to feel, rather than anxiously worry that I’m doing it wrong. The music was upbeat, and although it seemed we had a full class, there was plenty of room for us to stretch out and work. It may have not been the high intensity cardio I’m used to, but I know my body appreciated the break, my muscles enjoyed the stretch, and my butt enjoyed the workout.

Alex: Well, I finally did it. I took my dear friend Rashanna Moss's class at her Westlake location of Pure Barre. Rashanna and I met more than 6 years ago to talk business about opening Pure Barre in the Austin area. We've since become extremely close friends, and someone I look up to, admire greatly, and hold very near and dear to my heart. If you ever have an opportunity to meet Rashanna, or take her class you'll understand why.  

Fast forward to my first foray into one of her classes, I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Barre workouts are not exactly a routine for me, so of course my confidence in gracefully executing my tucks and squeezes was lacking a bit. I have to admit though, the second Rashanna started class her confidence and command of the room was so vibrant and positive that any reservations I had quickly dissipated. She put us through a hell of a workout too. With just enough encouragement and a kickass playlist, Rashanna led through a series of tiny movements that fired up muscles I didn't know existed. I'm talking the muscles that kick in after your glutes, hammies, hips, biceps and triceps burn out. The behind the scenes muscles that help you balance, stand up straight, remain flexible, and so on. That's where the benefits of Barre really stood out for me. I can go lift or run any day of the week, but to burn out your primary muscle groups while also tapping into your secondary muscles requires discipline, focus, and an approach that Barre succeeds well at.

There's no question Rashana and Pure Barre have the energy, wonderful community of members to make this a go-to spot for anyone (I'm talking to all the guys out there too!). It's a tuckin' good time!

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