Austin Fit Field Trip: I Love Kickboxing

AFM staff with mascot Teddy Bear Carls and trainer Maranda Lampe.

I Love Kickboxing
1700 S Lamar Blvd #203, Austin, TX 78704

Weston: I love a warm, friendly greeting when I go to an early morning workout--especially at a kickboxing place where some people may think of as a place of horror. Lord knows I'm still trying to wake up! I Love Kickboxing really does make you love kickboxing. There are plenty of large bags to kick and punch. But before we got to do that, we were warned that the warm-up routine is just as hard if not harder than the actual kickboxing workout. They weren't wrong about that! Maranda was detailed in her instruction, complimentary of our newbie technical skills, and encouraging. I was laughing the whole time, as it was very light-hearted and just what I needed that morning. This is not to say I wasn't sore in places I only get sore from doing a kickboxing workout routine. I felt it mostly in my back, obliques, and forearms. If you're looking for a kickboxing routine that's not intimidating, check out I Love Kickboxing! 


Anna: I really, really Love Kickboxing! The early morning workout with Maranda was amazing. She was a great instructor and super motivational. We started with a 15 minute warm-up of high intensity body weight exercises. Then, we completed 5 minutes of stretching before going into 25 minutes of boxing. The boxing included 3 minute combinations of cross-jabs, hooks, upper-cuts, and kicks. I really loved the kicking combos that we did, and had a lot of fun! To finish off we did 10 min of partner work with one person punching and one person holding pads. This was the first time I'd done moves like this, and I really enjoyed how they kept me reacting fast and improved my coordination. I couldn't get enough of this class and definitely want to get back to I Love Kickboxing ASAP!


Devyn: A special excitement occurs whenever I see a kickboxing fit field trip on the calendar. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than burning calories by punching and kicking a bag as hard as you can. The free therapy is nice, too! I love Kickboxing was no different when it came to a hard, sweaty workout. The “warm-up” alone was enough to wear you out before you even got to the bags, but if you can push through, the rest of the workout is worth it! I personally am not a fan of bare feet, so the “no shoes or socks on the mat” and partner workouts grossed me out a bit, but Maranda ensured the clean the mats often, and I suppose a true boxer doesn’t wear shoes anyways. Regardless, I Love Kickboxing had me ready to take on the day, and I recommend it for anyone with good stamina and a desire to box!


Andrea: I Love Kickboxing is a full body work out that is empowering and challenging, while at the same time fun.  Miranda did an excellent job providing anatomical and metaphorical cues on how to embody the movements.  Be prepared to burn fat calories in the first 15 minutes with just the warm-up alone.

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