Austin Fit Field Trip: HIIT IT AND QUIT IT

The AFM crew and friends with Mike O'Hara of BiggerFasterStronger


‚Äč12925 Lowden Ln, Bldg E, Manchaca, TX

'HIIT IT AND QUIT IT,' the hardhitting and intense class led by Mike O'Hara of BiggerFasterStronger, will leave you feeling like a bigger badass than you could have ever imagined. The class is a "short" half hour power workout, but you'll be more worn out by the end than if you had spent hours inside of a gym. Though the location is somewhat farther out than the majority of gyms and studios we review, this could not have been a more perfect spot to knock out a quick and powerful work out.

"This was easily one of the most creative and varied classes I've ever taken, " Alex Earle says. "I was never bored."

In our class alone, we ran up and down stair cases, did an ab workout that consisted of moves we had rarely done before, and raced against each other, adding an overall sense of fun and teamwork. At each moment when we thought we wouldn't be able to handle a second more of work, Mike would change it up and push us through to the next segment. O'Hara himself was incredibly motivating, barking out orders and movements, but with a hint of a smile on his face. We were fortunate enough to take his class with some of his regular members, and it was easy to see the loyalty and dedication for O'Hara and his gym. It's no wonder he has won AFM's Best Trainer multiple times, including in 2016. 

"He brought his A-game, and that kept us going throughout the whole workout," Weston Carls says. "We got our butts kicked and he still made it fun!"

HIIT IT AND QUIT IT isn't the only class BiggerFasterStronger hosts throughout the week, as O'Hara likes to change it up and keep his members coming back for more. He welcomes any body shape, height, weight, age, whatever you got. He loves working with every level of an athlete, beginner to intermediate, and smashing goals together through his programs. Though we especially enjoyed the instant gratification of HIIT IT AND QUIT IT, O'Hara provides personal training and other types of group classes at his property and other locations in Austin. 

"Mike believes We Are All Athletes, and sometimes it's nice to be reminded that, no matter how long you've been training," says Devyn Bernal. "His class was empowering, and I felt stronger the moment I could catch my breath again."

Whether you're new to the fitness routine, or a veteran looking to change things up, check out HIIT IT AND QUIT IT to get your muscles pumped up and your heart rate activated in a refreshing new manner. Even if the gym is far from your usual errands, you'll appreciate the quiet away from traffic, having plenty of space to move around and get down (not to mention plenty of parking), and learning from Austin's Best Trainer 2016. Mike O'Hara is only getting Bigger, Faster, and Stronger, and you don't want to miss his train as it steamrolls through Austin. 

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