Austin Fit Field Trip: Fight Club Austin

First Rule of Fight Club: Check out Austin's

The AFM staff with the strong and powerful Dakota Walker

Fight Club Austin
2222 Rio Grande St #170, Austin, TX 78705


Kristin: I love boxing! It's an amazing full-body workout that gets your heart rate up and leaves you feeling like you're actually capable of kickin' some butt! Well, Fight Club delivered a boxing experience just the way I like it. Our group had a trainer take us through a workout, rotating between heavy bags, speed bags, jump ropes, kicking, wall-sits, and so much more. Oh, and abs. Lots of abs! You don't have to know boxing combinations or have quick moves, you just have to be ready to push yourself through the burn.

By the end of the class we were all exhausted, sweaty, and smiling! The vibe at Fight Club is definitely uplifting, good-time, but yet hardcore. This space and its trainers will get you to your fitness goals either through the class experience or one-on-one with a personal trainer, whichever suits you best. So, definitely find time to check this place out to blow off some steam and walk out feeling powerful!


Weston: This is a gym that I wish was around when I lived on West Campus (I won't divulge how long ago that was!). Dakota Walker, our trainer, put us through a fun, challenging circuit that targeted the entire body. I was able to get all of my aggression out from the work week. That's one of the reasons why I love boxing classes! We ended on a high note with 8 rounds of a tabata-style sequence. My back and oblique muscles were the most sore the next day. I will be back for more! 


Gretchen: I'm breaking the cardinal rule of Fight Club, simply because fitness enthusiasts need to know how much fun this place is! First of all, I would strongly recommend taking Dakota Walker's class because she is supportive and efficient. Everything moves at a fast pace, but it's manageable. Most of us had taken a boxing class before, but Dakota still took the time to go through the movements to make sure we knew exactly what to do. We worked with the heavy bag, speed bag, and kickboxing bag. When we weren't moving from station to station performing standard boxing movements, we were doing strength building exercises like wall balls and wall sits. In the next part of the class, we continued our focus on arms through dumbbell work and dips. We finished up the class in the ring, doing an incredibly challenging ab circuit. I was feeling the soreness as soon as I began walking back to my car. It was a well-rounded class and the AFM team is already in talks about getting back in the ring at Fight Club.


Devyn: I LOVE BOXING! I was so excited about this fit field trip, I couldn’t wait to get my wraps on! I always feel a surge of confidence and power when I put them on, and this was no different at Fight Club. Dakota Walker was by far one of the best boxing trainers I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve met a lot. She gave us enough time during the workout to catch our breath and get a sip of water, but otherwise we were moving and grooving all over the gym! She kept our muscles awake by switching up the circuits and going back and forth between boxing, glute work, and ab work. I especially loved when she would come by you personally and add a level of difficulty if she thought you could handle it, i.e. when she lifted my legs during the tri-dips. That was intense! This is a great gym for beginner boxers who want a heavy cardio element. If you’re goal is to lose body fat and tone up, try out a class with Dakota. I’ll be there next week!


Anna: Therapy at its finest. Punching and kicking the bags was a great stress reliever. Fight Club Austin is located in the West Campus area near UT. The space contains a boxing ring, heavy bags, speed bags, and kick boxing bags. To begin, we got our wraps on. Wraps are provided, but if you intend on going often, I’d recommend having your own since the pair I used was slightly damp. We were then able to choose a pair of provided boxing gloves. The warm-up involved wall sits and heavy bag punches for four minutes, rotating between the moves. Next we did eight minutes of abs in the ring. This involved a variety of crunches, twists, planks, boat pose, etc. Then we did three circuits for four minutes. The first circuit was heavy bags and wall sits with burn outs, the second was speed bag and medicine ball moves, the third was kick boxing moves and jump rope. The circuits were a lot of fun and great cardio! My favorite moves in this part of the workout were the heavy bag, wall ball, jump rope, and donkey butt kicks. We did two more circuits for four minutes each with free weights, sliders, and steps. These involved moves like curls, spider planks, squat jumps, and push-ups. To finish off the workout, there were eight rounds of tabata on the heavy bags. This was really tough, but it was the perfect finish! The entire class was fun and went by quickly due to the circuit structure. Dakota Walker, our trainer, explained the moves well and kept us motivated with her awesome playlist! I had never boxed before and found it very enjoyable. I will definitely be going back to Fight Club Austin to get in another boxing workout.

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