Austin Fit Field Trip: Crux Climbing Center

The AFM crew test their spider monkey skills at a new Austin climbing center!

AFM gang with Crux leader Matt!

Crux Climbing Center

121 Pickle Road, Austin, TX 78704


Gretchen: Climbing etiquette and form is completely foreign to me. I've gone to other climbing/bouldering gyms but felt like I was just thrown in there, participating without feeling like I truly knew what I was doing. That's why I really appreciated the time Matt took to show us (and assist us in practicing) safety protocol. We learned how to fall correctly, how to auto-repel, and how to hook in and out of the equipment properly. Although we didn't do any yoga, the studio was beautiful and well-lit. Also, they have a weight area as well as a work space–all of which was comfortable and spacious. I really enjoyed the auto-repel wall, even though we looked like super “newbs” surrounded by kids who were scaling these walls like spider monkeys. The bouldering "cave" was challenging, but our team had an incredible experience getting out of our comfort zone while trying to climb on the ceiling. I would definitely go back with a group of friends, especially because Matt emphasized what a social sport this activity was. Talk a little, hang out, climb whenever you feel like it. Crux had a great vibe and I'm currently trying to convince Alex to occasionally let me work remotely at this location. ;-)

Weston: What a beautiful facility! That's the first thing I noticed when walking into Crux Climbing Center. The yoga studio was aesthetically pleasing. They were outfitted with Rogue equipment in their weight room. I thought the automatic belay system was so cool. I've never heard of an auto-belay system before! It takes a little bit of trust the first time, but not much is cooler than feeling like you're rock climbing without needing a buddy belay for you! The boulder walls were creative and the "cave" was really neat and also available to members 24/7. 

Kristin: I've been on climbing walls in the past and I've even been climbing outdoors before. Now, I'm no expert - far from it - but I feel like I sort of know a little bit about climbing. However, walking into Crux Climbing, I immediately realized that I was out of my element. This climbing gym is the real deal. It is brand spanking new with traditional elements of climbing and new fancy features that take climbing and bouldering to a new level. It made me want to know more and get hands on!

Matt, one of the owners, was kind enough to walk us through the night. After a quick tour, which involved seeing the beautiful yoga studio, strength/cardio area, a comfy lounge, and impressive climbing areas, we got started by learning climbing etiquette first for our safety. Then, up the walls we went!

The thing about climbing for me is that it's a mental challenge as much as a physical one. You have to be strategic in your hand and foot placement, your body position, etc. So, no matter what your experience or fitness level is, you always have a challenge to work towards. And, with the ever changing routes and wall options that Crux provides...there's even a cave that allows you to climb upside-down (yes, upside-down!)'ll want to keep coming back for more!

From serious climbers to novices or a perfect date night, visit Crux for a good sweat and a good time all around!

Taylor: The crux climbing center was like something I had never seen before. When I first walked into the facility I was welcomed by the staff with no hesitation. They were ready to answer any questions I had (which was a lot because I have never climbed before), and were very helpful when I was learning how to climb. After we got our gear we were shown a tour of the facility. If you are looking for a fit, relaxing getaway, this place is for you! When you walk upstairs there are multiple seating areas near open windows for relaxing, studying, and everything in between. There is also a calming yoga studio and an evolving weight room if you wanted to get a workout in between climbs. My favorite part of the facility would be the bouldering cave. The bouldering cave is open 24/7 for people who want to climb but have crazy schedules (I thought that was really neat). The overall atmosphere of the facility is calming yet engaged. Even if you only climb a few routes, there are many opportunities to meet different people as there are seating areas between each area.

            Another thing I think is really cool about this facility is the opportunities that they have for adults and children. While we were there, a class of young kids was doing some intense routes. The class instructors seemed extremely invested in the kid’s and their success. Also, Crux offers a “parents’ night out” where they can drop off their children at the kids area and grab dinner or a drink somewhere. I really liked this idea because it gives parents a little time off while their kids get to do something fun and active! Ladies night is also available every week, which I believe is called “climb and unwind.” After getting in a good climb, girl’s night is taken from the facility to a winery right next door. Sign me up!

            I will definitely be taking a trip back to crux to get a good sweat on and to hopefully master some tougher routes. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for a good time, a good workout, or a good getaway.

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