Austin Fit Field Trip: Altitude

We didn't have any fun, can you tell?

Altitude – Work Out with Mike O’Hara
6800 West Gate Blvd, Austin, TX 78745

Weston: This Altitude trampoline workout brought me back to the days where I had a trampoline in my backyard as a kid. It was fun, challenging, and nostalgic! We worked out our legs with explosive movements, our core with timed ab exercises, and even had a little race around the facility hitting lots of trampoline squares, plus burpees on the non-bouncy platforms surrounded the park. Put a smile on your face while working out and give Bigger, Faster, Stronger's workout at Altitude a try.

Gretchen: I can see why Mike has such a large following—he is super friendly, energized, and motivating. I grew up with a trampoline in my backyard, and spent years doing trampoline work for diving and gymnastics, so being on the equipment felt natural. I would say the jumping parts of the workout were fun, but the most challenging parts were the mountain climbers, push-ups and donkey kicks. If you think push-ups are tough on a hard surface, wait until you try them on a trampoline! By the end of the workout, everyone was drenched in sweat, but that didn't stop anyone from wanting to stay a little longer to jump around and explore the facility.

Devyn: It is hard to contain your excitement when walking into Altitude and seeing all of the different types of trampolines for your enjoyment… I think I smiled through the whole workout, even when it was kicking my butt! Mike O’Hara of Bigger Faster Stronger led us through a gut busting program that kept our energy high and the moves flowing. I always enjoy a good, upbeat playlist, and the tunes he played encouraged me to jump and run faster. Altitude provided special socks so as not to slip when doing certain work out movements, and that helped a lot with the push up and donkey kick segments. The whole time I couldn’t help think of how much fun this class would be for a date night with my boyfriend or hanging out with friends! As exhausted as we were by the end, Weston and I were sure to explore the rest of the activities Altitude had to offer, including the rock climbing wall and balance beam over a pit of foam. So much fun!

Andrea: Altitude “boot camp” is more fun than work, but at the same time an amazing work out.  Here is a place where you can play like a kid, and if you have kids, it's perfect family fun. Also, a great date night activity! Mike O'Hara delivers a well thought out exercise program that torches calories and at the same time keeps it fun so you feel energized yet exhausted afterwards.

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