AFM Fit Field Trip - YBB by Kara

AFM Staff, Edith Salazar, and Kara Hall of YBB by Kara.

Weston: I got the yoga, some say I got the booty, but I know I don't have the ballet or dance moves. But 2016 is all about putting myself out there and trying new things. We started out with some breathing and stretching to get us warmed up for what surely would put a huge smile on my face watching myself and our team dance in front of mirrors. Kara had really fun music to dance to and was great at getting us to follow her lead with the moves. We danced to about five songs and, after working up a sweat, we went into ballet movements. Then we slowed down and did vinyasa movements. I have to say, this was the most fun workout because we danced like we were alone in our bedroom and came out with huge smiles on our faces. I have a new found respect for choreography and professional dancers!


Alex: Yoga Booty Ballet was by far one of the most fun, and terrifying classes I've ever done.  I say terrifying, because dancing isn't one of the more confident areas of my life. I'll be the first to admit, I can rock some slow dancing, and even some amateur swing dance moves (back from my Cotillion days), but putting together some hip-hop style dance moves to a faster beat is a challenge!


Now the fun part. Owner and instructor Kara was a fantastic leader. She began the class with some kundalini yoga to help us set our intention, keep our egos at the door, and make us all feel comfortable.  From there, she led us through an extensive repertoire of dance moves that kept us on our toes, constantly moving, and sweating!  It's one of those workouts that doesn't feel like a workout. You're smiling, giggling, enjoying the progress and improvement in your dance as you practice each dance sequence.  


Once you try this class you'll have a new found respect for anyone or group you watch dance. From cheerleaders to the ballet, the coordination, timing, endurance and rhythm they possess is simply impressive.   I know the ladies will flock to Yoga Booty Ballet, but I strongly encourage all us men out there to come try this class. Be ready to push beyond your comfort zone and enjoy the outcome!


Edith: YBB by Kara was a fun and sexy workout with great moves for toning and plenty of cardio, that also incorporates meditation. I loved it! 


Devyn: You’d think the name says it all, but I had no idea what to expect from Yoga Booty Ballet. It sounded like a good time though, and I couldn’t wait to see Weston’s and Alex’s moves! Not to mention, we needed some rhythm and groove into our Fit Field Trips.


Kara was incredibly sweet and endearing. From the moment we walked in, she set a mood that encouraged your goofiest and most free self. We channeled our inner core, stretched, danced, got our heart rates up, then stretched and finished in savasana, in that order. I can hardly say I have talent in dance, but I sure did have a blast, all the while getting a good lunch time work out in! Everyone was feeling those plie movements in their legs by the late afternoon.


One of the greatest things about this class was how unique it is compared to all the other “one-of-kind!” tabata classes people offer these days. I mean, where else can you go to get yoga, hip hop, and ballet all in one hour?? I can’t wait to return and bring my friends… the laughing even helps the abs!


For information on how to book your YBB class, click here.


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