AFM Fit Field Trip - The Escape Game

The AFM crew tests their brain power on an epic mission to escape this trip!

The AFM staff 'almost' escaped Escape Game's hardest challenge, the Prison Break!

The Escape Game Austin (512) 643-0043, 405 Red River Street, Austin, TX 78701


Alex: The Escape Game was a blast!  This was super fun, and challenging (mentally)! It requires patience, compromise, team building, communication, and problem solving.  Our challenge involved all 10 of our staff, split into 2 groups of 5 and locked away in separate jail cells. From there, we had to find our way out of the cells, and ultimately out of the "Jail Break" themed escape room. The Escape Game concept is clever, and a unique chance for friends or co-workers to spend an hour locked up in a room, and forced to work together to get out.  This is a must-do activity if you live in Austin!

Devyn: When it came to planning our next trip, I figured it was time to work out our brain muscles. Escape Game Austin provided a creative and unique environment to incorporate teamwork and work together to “escape.” We started out split into two groups, and from there had one hour to complete the puzzles and challenges and complete the mission. I’d tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you…

But in all honesty, this was a great way to discover who had what it takes to be a leader, who had the most brains, and who just hung out in the background and cheered us on! It was a great team builder, and I’m glad our team accomplished as much as we did. 95% is still an ‘A’ in my eyes! Whether you want a funny date night, unique girls night, or show off your intelligence to your boos, Escape Game is the place to do it.

Weston: Locked in a cell brings back bad memories of when a Texas Highway Patrolman fake arrested an actual bully at our school (and me, the innocent one) as a demonstration to school to respect and obey the law. Well, in The Escape Game Austin, we were breaking all the rules and trying to get out of this three-room mystery maze that challenged our communication and teamwork. I would encourage groups of friends or business teams to try it and come away with smiles on your faces and never-ending talk about how you could have gotten out in under an hour.

Brian: Escape Game was a blast and a different take on what we normally do when it comes to a fit field trip.

We were forced to use our brains instead of our bodies; it is a fun way to learn how to work together whether it is with friends or with your work team. I was bummed we didn't escape in time but it was good to hear that people don't usually get as far as we did on their first try. I am anxious to try it again because we were so close to finishing.

I would recommend this activity to anyone because it's a fun way to learn about yourself and the people you see on a regular basis. GO TRY ESCAPE GAME!!!....We "almost" escaped.

Andrea: Staying active in Austin not only means being fit in body but also in mind. The Escape Room Austin required the AFM team to put the brawny aside and activate the brain and do it together.  

A must do with a group of people to learn who's got the brains and who's just all brawn. 

Kristin: I've heard a lot about this type of team building experience lately, but this is the first time I played the game, and I have to say, it was a total mind trip! It was surprising the amount of detail that went into every element of the game and each clue to make it truly challenging. The game will definitely test your communication skills with your teammates, so you have to be on point with each other to figure out the clues. And, based on the way the game flowed and difficulty level of the game, there was never a dull moment in the whole hour. Remember, you're up against the clock so you have to think quickly! I would definitely go back and try another one of the scenarios with. After all, we only ALMOST escaped!

Bianca: My first fit field trip was definitely a different experience than I expected. Within the first 10 minutes, we were split up and locked in two separate prison cells trying to shout to the other half of our group to find a way out. As the time passed, I was impressed by how crafty and diverse everyone in our group was. Although we didn’t “escape,” my experience at The Escape Game was amusing to say the least. I would recommend it to any group ranging from a close bunch of friends to a corporate bonding event!

Victoria: We worked together to try and escape jail. It was a challenge to work together and really focus but I think we did a pretty smashing job! It will help anyone work together better especially bigger groups because communication is key.

Oksana: I had a great time at the Escape Game in Austin on Thursday! I was familiar with the ‘escape’ concept through an old phone app I used to play and was excited to experience a real-life version. The physical environments were impressive and each room had its own character and theme. I wouldn’t recommend this activity for large groups. Despite being split in half, our group of ten proved to be far too many people for each room, and often, most of our crowd would simply stand around while two or three people engaged with the puzzle at hand. All in all a fun experience that I’d try again—just with fewer people.

Gretchen: I love anything that engages the mind. I could do Sudoku for hours, put together a 1000 piece puzzle without getting bored, and grew up solving brain teasers with my parents every day on the way to school. The Escape Game isn't physically challenging, but your mind will be racing the whole time. I think having 10 people in our group actually added to the challenge. In my opinion, a six person team would be the perfect number. Also, if you're more of an "individual competitor" like I am, you can expect to be frustrated by how much reliance needs to be placed on your team members to gather clues and solve riddles. Everyone at the facility was great, and they did a good job of making us feel better about our inability to escape in the one hour time cap.

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