AFM Fit Field Trip: HEAT Boot Camp

Check out the AFM staff's experience with Jennifer Frey at HEAT Boot Camp!

Weston: Jennifer is a ball of energy. She really sets the tone for the effort she wants to see during the workout. From the first set, we never really stopped moving but for 10-15 seconds between exercises. When I was too exhausted to remember what to do next, the entire workout was displayed on a projection screen that was easily visible. There were some movements that we did that I've never done before and that I'll incorporate into my routine. Before I knew it, the workout was done and I was spent. Would do again! 


Alex: Holy fun workout! I love HEAT and their entire staff. I've been lucky enough to know Founder Cody Butler and seen his vision continue to expand and get better and better. The one thing you can count on from HEAT is variety, which is critical to see results in your fitness. This time around, Jenn Frey led us through 4 stations where groups of 4 people went through a Tabata protocol. 40 seconds of work, with 20 seconds of rest in between. This was a non-stop workout that made us sweat! She worked our entire body, doing exercises like modified burpees, hand stands, core work with leg raises, and a lot more. Th energy is great, the facility is awesome, and the staff are top notch. Plus, the people I met at the workout were wonderful. Nothing better than getting pushed beyond your comfort zone, but doing it with a fun group that are there doing the exact same thing! 


Devyn: HEAT was an amazingly fun experience that was unlike most boot camps I’ve tried before. From the moment I walked into the door, I was greeted by a cheerful trainer at the desk, who gave me a quick tour then led me into the “boot camp” room. There were several kinds of equipment set up, all of which made me excited to get my hands on them! Jennifer Frey, our trainer, appeared to be my solid height of 5’1, but her explosive personality and big smile had me on my toes the whole period. We did 4 different courses of Tabata work outs, which she prolonged from 20 seconds to 40. By the end, those 40 seconds felt like a million years, but it was worth the work out and soreness the next day. I felt pretty strong and accomplished after reviewing everything we did throughout Jennifer’s class, and whenever I feel the need for an awesome burn out, I plan on going back for some more HEAT!


Brian: HEAT was a blast and Jenn was awesome! Out of all the boot camps I have visited, this was by far the most fun. I enjoyed it mostly because it had a CrossFit feel, and CrossFit is what I do as my normal fitness routine. I do however enjoy any type of fitness, as long as I am being active. HEAT boot camp was a good change of pace and Jenn was really nice and a awesome instructor.


Andrea: Turn up the H.E.A.T!  That’s exactly what Jenn Frey did by showing her rebellious personality and changing the normal structure of the interval Tabata from a 20 second workout with a 10 second rest to a 40 second workout with a 20 second rest. H.E.A.T boot camp located in the South 1st neighborhood makes you feel like you are at home, but you just happen to have an amazing personal trainer leading you through a dynamic group fitness class. I live nearby, so next time, rather than going to my boring apartment gym,  I’m going to H.E.A.T boot camp to get the motivation I need and instruction from personal trainers who know what’s best.

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