AFM Fit Field Trip - Esquina Tango

The AFM crew gets their dance groove on with Monica of Esquina Tango!

Creative Director Weston Carls with Monica of Esquina Tango

Weston: I've taken one dance class before, so I think that helped calm my nerves for what was about to happen when a guy with two left feet enters a tango class. We were kindly greeted by people who were taking the class, as well as the teacher, Monica. That made me feel right at home. I just kept telling myself to dance as if I was alone in my bedroom--and that I tried! We started with warming up our body and taking steps forward and backward pretending to have a dance partner. This helped establish where to put your weight and how to move your hips. After a few rounds of that, we made our way partnering up with new people each time, trying new moves Monica would demonstrate. By the end of the class everyone was friends! Probably because they felt sorry for me… But the most important aspect in dance classes is to just have fun and dance like no one is watching. Now go find a dance floor!


Andrea: It's no secret that we live in an active city to help us Keep Austin Fit. However, what may be a well kept secret is Esquina Tango. We have all been to fitness classes that inspire us, connect us and keep us coming back for more. Monica Caivano's tango community is one of those places. Appropriately located in an East Austin house, Monica enters the room like an actress the audience has been waiting to see, and she does not disappoint.

Class starts with individual warm-ups of balance, turns and tango walk. It is only after you have practiced by yourselves that you join a partner. Then the dance begins. Monica reminds us that much like in life it is important not to lean too much or not enough and that the connection is the key.  As we rotated around the room experiencing different dance partners, I reflected that much like the connections that we have in our day-to-day life with coworkers, relatives, romantic interests, and acquaintances, it is a delicate balance.  It’s important not to lean in too much or too little and the key is the connection.   

Be sure to visit Esquina Tango with a group of friends or a partner and experience what it feels like to balance, dance and connect with yourself and with others.


Devyn: In planning our next fit field trip, I wanted a “workout” that was unique and different compared to the classes we had been reviewing. Monica of Esquina Tango delivered whole-heartedly! When we arrived, we were instantly greeted by our fellow classmates, most of whom had been dancing at Esquina for years. Although we were the youngest in the class, you would not have been able to tell a difference in age by how friendly and fun everyone was. Our anticipation built as Monica made a fashionably late and grand entrance, and I was immediately hooked by her warm accent and vibrant personality. She began the class by warming us up with small movements, from our toes all the way to our head, and had us take the time to feel what it’s like to lean to the right or left. This was important, so you knew how much to lean on your dance partner when the time came. After our warm ups, we danced alone, then eventually learned progressive tango movements with different partners, until everyone had danced with each other. This was a great way to learn, so I could experience talented partners who led me in the right direction. Monica was floating all over the dance floor, providing feedback and demonstrating the movements. And the MUSIC! I absolutely loved every song she played! The slow beats were very romantic, and I loved watching the couples who had more experience in this intimate dance.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted dance class that provides the right moves and good fun, Esquina Tango is the place to go. They even had cookies at the end! I hope to return soon for more practice on my dance grooves.


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