AFM Fit Field Trip: Athletic Outcomes


This place is straight up cool. Owned by a young, hip, and very experienced couple from Chicago, they've built Athletic Outcomes to be both a training and recovery center in one place.  

We arrived and immediately got to work with Pat, who put us through a circuit of 6 stations of alternating exercises for a solid hour. This was whole body, non-stop, and a challenge for sure. Everything from treadmill work, box jumps, deadlifts, to medicine ball work was covered.  I can tell you that even a few days after this workout, I still feel soreness in my weaker areas! Pat’s approach was professional, incredibly knowledgeable and very supportive with positive reinforcement to help us get through each circuit.

Once we finished, we had the opportunity to recover in their lounge.  The lounge is a great added bonus. Weston and I enjoyed a 49-degree ice bath for 10 minutes. Although it’s rough for the first minute, it eventually became quite relaxing and certainly helped my muscles recover. After the ice bath, we were given coffee and compression pants to sit back and relax while the compression pants recirculated blood to our muscles. If you haven't tried compression pants out, you have to get over here and do it. It's as wonderful as a relaxing massage.

I'll definitely recommend Athletic Outcomes to anyone looking for the best training and service. They've built a great facility, now you should check it out!



Do not underestimate Pat Cook, the guy knows how to make a person work and it is definitely worth checking out.

We did a good warm-up followed by a tough circuit training workout. Exercises ranged from dead lifts to running so it was a great mix of cardio and strength.

After the workout you have the option of hanging out in the AO lounge which was my personal favorite. You can "enjoy" the ice bath or compression boots while lounging and watching TV. Some of the AFM staffers did both which sounded like a good option but I decided to let them have fun in the ice bath.

Pat and Brittaney are a really cool couple from Chicago and will do anything to help out their clients and make sure that they are 100% happy with the experience at Athletic Outcomes. Be sure to stop by their location on E. Riverside!


"Come in for a workout and spa day," they said. Little did I know that spa day meant I was going to dip into this 50-degree cold tub of water with Alex! 

Walking in, half of the space is dedicated to recovery and lounging. The other half is the field turf workout area. Pat Cook set up five workout stations with A and B exercises at each station that challenged both anaerobically and aerobically. It was like heaven when we got those one minute breaks when rotating between the stations! I really enjoyed the creative and ever so effective pairing of A exercises and B exercises at these stations. 

After our workout was done, Brittaney Cook asked us if we wanted to get in the cold tub and enjoy some hot tea or coffee (how thoughtful!). The athlete's spa day was actually really fun. I've never been in a cold tub, but I managed to stay in there for 10 minutes. My legs felt numb for about a minute when I got out, but it wasn't bad at all. I dried off (or you can take a hot shower at the facility), laid back in a recliner while we all watched whatever channel we wanted to on their TV. They then put on the leg compressors; it would fit on our like pants and squeeze tightly around your legs and feet, then release its pressure. It was like getting your blood pressure tested but for your legs. I loved it, I thought it felt like a thousand angels bear hugging my legs and feet. After a few refills of tea, we headed out the door feeling refreshed. And don't forget to take a piece of chocolate or ginger chew on the way out – you earned it!

Wanna drop-in? Try it out for free! Or check out the schedule and drop-in!



Athletic Outcomes treated me like the sport-minded princess I am, and I floated away from their brand new facility feeling stronger and more energized than when I crawled in. Brittaney and Pat, Austin’s newest power couple and founders of AO, are the ultimate dream team, and I grateful to experience it. When we walked in, we were instantly hit with the smell of cleanliness, the gleam of new floors, and barely touched equipment – every athlete’s dream! There were so many workout toys around, I felt like I was in my own playground.

After Brittaney gave us a tour and we put our things away in our cubbies, Pat took over and started the warm-up. He picked excellent movements to awaken our sleepy muscles and get them going. He even had us hold up dumbbells throughout his entire explanation of the main series we were about to begin. Our muscles hardly got a break! The series was split into six different stations of the gym, each covering two different workouts for specific body parts. We did as many reps as we could for each workout at each station, spending a total of eight minutes at each until we rotated. By the end, I could hardly stand. I enjoyed the variety because my muscles were never bored, but don’t think this is an easy-going class! Pat is determined to make you more fit than you realize you could be. The weighted sled was by far my most difficult challenge, and the inclined sprint was my easiest.

Everything pushed me in the right direction including Pat, who constantly walked around and encouraged us to go harder and farther. Once the workout was complete, some of us chose to rinse off our sweat and hop into the polar ice tub for a full 10 minutes. It. Was. FREEZING. That was actually my first time to ever experience an “ice bath,” and although my lower body feels phenomenal, I’m not rushing back into any more tubs. Once that was finished, we showered and relaxed on these amazing recliners with leg compressors that nearly put me to sleep. I truly appreciated the fact that Athletic Outcomes works you hard like any other gym, but they make sure every muscle is stretched out, iced down, and taken care of at the end. I’ve never felt more ready to go than at the end of this class. If you want a one-of-kind workout experience, plus a “treat-yo-self” session after, get to Athletic Outcomes before those seats fill up!



Athletic Outcomes was probably one of the best workouts I've done in Austin. Pat started us with a circuit of warmup movements so my muscles were nice and ready for an actual workout. We went through series of workout movements which included 6 different stations. Each station had two parts of it and we would do it three times each.
Pat was helpful with making sure each one of us kept proper form and pushed us through the workout.

After the workout, we had an option of taking an ice bath or sit in reclining chairs while wearing recovery boots. I've never done the boots so I chose that and I loved it. It definitely helped to minimize soreness.

At the gym they had complimentary coffee and tea. The women's bathroom had spare hair ties, Q-tips and deodorant, which I thought was very thoughtful of the gym to have.

I would definitely go back and do another of Pat's workouts. It was an awesome experience to finish 2015 by sweating it out with my favorite AFM crew.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m NOT a morning person! So, needless to say, I was still a little cranky when I arrived at Athletic Outcomes for the 8:00 a.m. workout. I couldn’t stay grouchy for long though, because Pat and Brittaney radiate great energy and positivity.

We did a quick warm-up to get our muscles stretched and ready for the workout. When we were done with that, Pat instructed us to grab two dumbbells and hold them above our head. We had to keep them there while he explained every single station and movement in the workout circuit. My advice: don’t think about how heavy the dumbbells are and instead, give your full attention to the instructions that Pat gives because he gives a lot of information in a short amount of time. I learned that the hard way when I’d get to a station and then have to ask, “Wait, what do I do here?” but Pat was always gracious and gave each of us a good amount of attention to keep us on track. The exercises were innovative and provided just enough of a challenge.

When the workout ended, Devyn and I opted to hop into the cold tub. We had already made plans to do the Barton Springs Polar Plunge on New Year’s day, so we figured this was a two-for-one prep session for that in addition to a recovery session from the workout. It was 10 minutes of pain (it was so abrasive that I didn’t even sit all the way in – I basically did a wall sit in the water the entire time) but when I got out I felt brand new. After showering, I settled into the recliners next to the AFM team and enjoyed the compression pants while I sipped coffee and watched TV. I left AO feeling stronger and more relaxed (not to mention, I was far less cranky than when I came in). I’d definitely go back to AO and recommend it to anyone looking for a unique gym and recovery experience.


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