Fit Field Trip: Intense 22 Fitness


Ever worked out in a 62 degree room? I hadn't but, as it turns out, I also needed a fan on me after testing a few exercises at Intense 22 Fitness. Michael was great at communicating how to properly execute their protocol. I thought it was going to be more complicated than it really is. Michael guided me through the 10-second negative and 10-second positive reps on each machine. It probably took about 90 seconds for each machine before those target muscles were completely exhausted. Don't let the simplicity or length of time of these workouts fool you. Most clients are only there one to two times a week because of how effective it is. Less is more and you should definitely try out this protocol. Bonus: they also have an electric cryochamber that's better for you and the environment.



The Intense 22 workout really is as good as it gets. I had a hard time believing that I could really get a killer workout in only 22 minutes without sweating but, after the first work out, I am drinking the Kool-Aid! I'm on week five, and I'm stronger all over, have more energy, sleep better and have already lost a little bit of weight. Michael and team are motivating, wickedly smart about the science behind the workout and super fun.



I have never been a huge fan of exercise machines, but my experience at Intense 22 totally changed my perspective. First, Michael explained the philosophy behind the long reps and training to failure. Then, we headed into the workout room lined with windows that overlook the stunning hill country. Despite the intensity, the workout flew by, mainly thanks to the one-on-one support each of us got from friendly and knowledgeable personal trainers. After the workout, I got by first cryo experience in their cryochamber. I left feeling invigorated!

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