The Most Common Cause of Running Injury

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Exercise # 1: Bridges for Runners

Though most of the exercises we give to runners are performed standing up, there are also some great running performance exercises that are not performed on your feet. 
This is a variation of a classic “bridge” exercise, in which we add resisted hip abduction and external rotation using a stretch band loop. First, place the stretch loop right below or right above the knees. Lay on your back with your knees bent at least 90 degrees and your feet flat on the ground about hip-width apart. Start by rolling the hips/pelvis backward to flatten out the low back against the ground. Then you will lift the hips up till the upper legs and torso are in one line. [See Fig. 2] It’s very important that you continually work to maintain a flat low back by tucking the pelvis posteriorly and keeping the abdominals firm.

Holding this position, you slowly and repeatedly move the knees out and in against the resistance of the band.  [See Fig. 3] As you get tired make sure that your hips are not dropping as your knees move apart, and especially make sure that you’re not allowing the low back to arch. Complete 3–4 sets until you feel a really good fatigue or can no longer hold good form (allow at least 1 minute rest between sets).

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