Perfect Pairings

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Finding the right flavor pairing is the perfect way to eat or drink your vegetables without tasting them. You can add cups of kale to a smoothie and barely taste the leafy green veggie—the trick is loading up the blender with ingredients that will complement each other.  

The Kale Kreation​

This is a great smoothie packed with healthy fats, carbs, and protein. Apples and almond butter are known to be a great pair but adding kale and banana creates a nice creamy texture.  

8 oz. vanilla almond milk (Substitute unsweetened almond milk for less sugar)
1 scoop almond butter
2 cups of kale
½ of a frozen apple
1 frozen banana 

To prepare, load your blender with the liquid, nut butter, and kale, then add your frozen fruit. 

Frozen Fruit Pro Tip:

Peel your ripe banana and break it up into 3 pieces and put in a plastic bag to freeze. You can also do this with the apple—smaller pieces tend to blend easier.

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