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Stridalyzer Smart Insoles 

Ever had a running coach, orthopedic doctor or shoe salesperson recommend that you stop pronating, supinating, overstriding, heel-striking or running on your toes?

Stridalyzer smart insoles close the loop between trying to apply the tips you’ve been given and knowing what your body is actually doing when you run. They provide real-time feedback on stride rate, stride length and ground contact time, and give graphical and audible running form feedback and foot and knee stress alerts via the free smartphone app (Apple, Android compatible).

Setup is simple. Charge them with the included mini-USB cable, insert them in place of your stock insoles, pair them via Bluetooth with your phone’s Stridalyzer app, and you’re ready to run.

Running on a treadmill with the app open and in direct line of sight worked well for our first time. The graphical foot and knee stress display was interesting and somewhat useful (green contact zones are good, red ones are bad). Starting the app after a thorough warm-up was completed and my running form had settled into normal mode provided more valid feedback than a pre-warmup start did.

Post-run analytics and guidance on the website were helpful and easy to navigate. Repeated use will allow you and/or your running coach to analyze the hard data, make form adjustments, and track improvements from one training session to the next. Though there’s no substitute for listening to your body when you train, but having some hard data from these insoles to go along with it is a smart play.


With the ongoing debate about heel striking versus mid-foot striking and which works best for performance and injury prevention, Stridalyzers are a tool with potential to help both competitive and recreational runners. The entry level Marathon version ($99) and Performance version ($129) will set you back less than a pair of running shoes. Just prior to press time the Stridalyzer pod ($39), an under-insole or laces-mounted mini-version with some of the same measures, was added to the product lineup.


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